Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Post About Blogging

I am in the “Ultimate Blog Challenge” this month. This means is that I post 30 blogs in 31 days in the month of October. I then put my blog title on twitter with the hashtag: #blogboost and I post it on face book on UBC page. THEN, I read at least 2 other blogs and make a comment on them.

I’ve been a blogger since October 2008. This month marks my 5th year anniversary at this.

I started by reviewing books. I belonged to a book club in Oklahoma and blogging about books wasn’t a problem. I always had my nose in a book. (that’s what my grandma used to say about me when I was a girl)


Then in 2011, I moved to Wichita, remarried and started a new life! I wanted my kids to know I was doing well – and all my friends back in Oklahoma because they had all been such a great support to me during some dark times. So, I started writing about all the happenings in my new life.

Now, after 5 years of writing, taking pictures, and sharing I have found that I could blog 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I love this and I have fun doing it. I very seldom ( okay, never) say anything very profound but I just love to write about the everyday things. In a world that seems to be utter chaos, I guess this is my way to find normalcy in all that’s crazy.

One day a friend compared blogging to journaling. I just smiled.  (I don’t like to argue with people. So when you say something to me and I just smile I’m probably disagreeing in my mind!!) Because when I blog it is NOTHING like keeping a journal or a diary. – Or at least what I consider a journal or diary.


My perspective on journaling is that it is written for the writer’s eyes only and contains many more private events than a blog.

So, to my friend that believes my blog is my journal, no, there is no way I write publicly what I would write privately. I rant much more in a journal!

I would encourage you to consider blogging – if you don’t already. My friend Debra at  Prairie Songs and I have both blogged at times about things we did as children. This way, there is a written copy for our families to share. Another reason to blog – to share with your children and your grands.

I have another friend, a young mother, that blogged about her children for a year – with pictures then made them each a book out of that year’s worth of blogs.

There are many reasons to blog.

My reason is – I just like doing it!!!

So, here on my 5th anniversary of blogging, I am doing the ultimate blog challenge, meeting other bloggers and having a grand ole time!!!

Working away writing a new post for "Reflections From the Midwest"


  1. I so agree that blogging is nothing like journaling. :) I currently have written a book called Three Little Sisters Learn to Get Along. If I sent you a copy, would you be interested in writing a review for it?

    1. I would love to! I sent you my address on your website.

  2. Totally agree that keeping a diary is so much more private than blogging!

    1. It is so true isn't it? There are many things I will say in a diary that I would never say on a blog! My kids might read it!! :)