Monday, November 25, 2013

F.A.T. People in Church


We need leaders in church. We need people who step up and “do” – do all the many things that need to be done in a church.

But more importantly we need F.A.T. people.

Faithful     Available    Trainable

We need people that are faithful. Faithful in their belief system. Trusting completely on God for all things. Faithful in their worship, in their study, in their praying. We need people that are faithful to one another. Faithful to the church. – not because the church saves them, but so they can spread God’s Word so others will be believe.

We need people that are available. Available in their time spent with God on a daily basis. Available to tell others about Christ and what He has done for them. Available to one another as Christians. – Spiritually, emotionally, physically. We need people that are available to the Church – not because works in the church saves them, but so they can spread God’s Word so others will see Him in their lifestyle and they will respond to the Gospel message.

We need people that are trainable. Trainable to teach, to serve, to minister to one another. Trainable for the works of the church – not because the church saves them. Not because works in the church or good deeds outside the church saves them, but so they can spread God’s Word so others will see a difference in their lives, in the way they live so that they might believe. 

The Kingdom of God needs F.A.T. people. 
Are you willing to be F.A.T. for Him?
To advance the Kingdom of God? 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Merry Christmas vs Happy Holidays

It’s that time of year again. The ongoing war of -

“Merry Christmas”   “Happy Holidays” 
“Season’s Greetings” 


This conflict alone can take the “Merry” out of everything.

Let me preface what I’m about to say with this:

I am a Christian. I believe the ONLY reason we have Christmas is because God sent His only Son to earth as a baby Рborn of a virgin. And as clich̩ as it may sound РHe really is the ONLY reason for the season.

NO ONE can take Jesus out of my season – except me. No matter what you say to me – He is my reason for celebrating. 

That said, let me add, I believe the people who complain about this greeting – either way are only stirring up a dissension that we ought not have.

I’ve worked in retail. I worked in fast retail in the 1970’s and by fast I mean in the grocery check out line. I had only a few seconds to give a greeting. Often it was “Happy Holidays”  - not because I was trying to remove Jesus from the season but because I didn’t have time to say “Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” I didn’t even have time to say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.” But I did have time to say “Happy Holidays.”

And interestingly, in the ‘70”s I never heard of anyone being offended by that greeting. When I did say “Merry Christmas” it never offended anyone either. 

Political Correctness is a big joke.

Personally, I appreciate any greeting and always smile and return a greeting. Now that I have more time to greet, I will often say the extended version. 
I think it’s silly – ridiculous  – disturbing – that a.n.y.o.n.e. get upset with me because I say “Merry Christmas.”  But I also believe the same when  others  get upset when the greeting is  “Happy Holidays.”

Good grief people… Let’s grow up.  I believe what I believe.  You believe what you believe.  I will greet how I want – you greet how you want.

BUT if I work for you or if you are my government – or anyone for that matter -  Don’t tell me how to greet people.  PLEASE LEAVE MY GREETING ALONE.

You respect me and I will respect you.

It’s tough to respect anyone who tries to tell me how to believe and how to respond to others. – Let alone greet them with a smile!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Feast

“Cross Road Church enjoys a very special relationship with The ARC of Sedgwick County. When our church began in 2002, The ARC provided a space in their building for a fledgling church to have Sunday morning worship services and for Cross Road and The ARC, it was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

The ARC, (formerly the Association for Retarded Citizens), is a not-for-profit agency serving individuals with developmental disabilities including: Mental Retardation, Down syndrome, Autism, Epilepsy, and Cerebral Palsy. The ARC provides support and services to benefit the entire family. The ARC is often the first link to community services and one that can follow an individual throughout his/her life.

Cross Road is involved in several events with the ARC each year including an annual Thanksgiving Feast.”  Taken from the Cross Road Church Website H.E.R.E.

I have had the opportunity to help with the Thanksgiving Feast for the past 2 years. It is such a rewarding time. I love it! The husband and I get to help dish up the food and A gets to help, too! 

The Thankful Feast is held at The Cotillion. This year every family from our Life Group was represented and we all had such a great time.

IMG_2546     20131119_170139
This gives you an idea of the size of The Cotillion.

IMG_2928       IMG_9717
The beautiful tables and the entertainment!

20131119_174919     20131119_175309
Diane, Randy & A plus many more, getting ready to serve.
Donna at the assignment table.

20131119_175331     20131119_175348
Pete (on the left)                         Ellen

20131119_175557       20131119_190036
              Sharon, Randy W and Judy with                   John
                 Rebecca, Bob and David    
 20131119_192731 (2)     IMG_6484
               A and Diane                  A, Randy, me and others

20131119_175809   20131119_175429
                   One of the 4 serving lines.           The Coopers!

20131119_175743     20131119_192803
  Boyce                               A and Caleb

20131119_175406These women did a FABULOUS job of being in charge!!

20131119_175708     20131119_175720


One of the most joyous things I have ever seen in my life!

Happy people having a wonderful time!!

We LOVE The Thanksgiving Feast..

I apologize for the pictures. They turned out blurry. I hope you can tell how much fun we had anyway.

Getting to Know Me: A Kansas Women Bloggers Link-Up

I was so excited to find Kansas Women Bloggers and I am also excited for an opportunity to get better acquainted other bloggers living in the same area. I am hoping the next step in our sorority is an opportunity to actually get together! Then- dream big - a Kansas Blog Conference!!! : )

Erin, I'm not in my pajamas BUT I am bundled up, in my comfy chair, watching the cold wind blow past my window!!

These are the questions we've been asked to answer:

1. If you make money with your blog, how do you do it?

I don't make money with my blog. I have often thought about it and wouldn't mind making money this way but I'm not really sure how to go about it. Would love any advise or recommendations on this!

2. How do you increase your blog readership?

I use social media - Face Book, Twitter and email to let friends and family know when I make a new post. As I mentioned earlier, I was so excited to find Kansas Women Bloggers and have met several others that I now follow and I'm hoping I will gain some new followers through them. I joined The Ultimate Blog Challenge in October and met many more bloggers through this challenge. I also hand out business cards with my blog info on them. - I leave these on restaurant tables and anyplace I can think of. My husband designed some gorgeous book marks with my blog information on them and when we sell books on (which I tell about on my "about me" page here on my blog) I put one in the package.

3. If you aren't originally from Kansas, what brought you here?

I was born in Medicine Lodge, Kansas but moved away when I was 5 months old. I moved back to Kansas in the '80's for 6 years then moved away a.g.a.i.n. THEN, moved back to Kansas in 2011 when I married the love of my life  - at the age of 58!!

4. If you are from Kansas, have you ever lived elsewhere?

Yes! I have lived in Kansas, Oklahoma, Indiana and Kingston, Jamaica. We were in the ministry and moved several times. There are many things I love about every place I've lived. - also, a few I didn't like. I've mostly lived in parsonages and my very favorite parsonage was a bungalow in Columbus, Indiana. The largest house I lived in was in Kingston. - Which was good because we hosted many Mission Teams and often had the house full of teens, sponsors - all wonderful people. Such good times - and rewarding.

5. If someone were to hand you $10,000 (no strings attached) what would you do with it?

The husband and I are retired. I would give a portion to our church and to another church that has grown close to my heart. The rest I would put in savings to help pay my insurance costs and I know we will need to replace a vehicle in the next year and we strive to live without debt - so this would help with that.  Now, if I'm really going to be honest here - I may sneak out about $??? and buy a certain coach purse that I love! 

6. Who was the first blogger you ever really followed?

I started blogging about the same time a friend of mine from my book club did. I immediately started following her. Debra Blakley from Oklahoma at Prairie Songs.

7. What's your favorite pair of shoes?

I have always said that I would go barefoot if it meant I could buy a new purse! But I do have a favorite pair of shoes! I discovered them on a "girls weekend" a few weeks ago. Most comfortable shoes I have ever worn! We walked on concrete for 8 hours one day and 6 hours the next day - I had NO tired legs or feet. LOVE them and am considering buying in more colors. 

Skechers Go Walk

Thank you for taking the time to read my "getting to know me" post. Thank you so much Kansas Women Bloggers for this Link-up! Please leave a comment and tell me about you!

Friday, November 15, 2013

No Shave November–3rd Friday

1st Friday                                                               2nd Friday
1st Friday (2)       2nd Friday (1)

Third Friday
3rd Friday (1)      3rd Friday (2)

For more information on the Project “No Shave November” you can go to

Thursday, November 14, 2013

13 On Thursday

Leaving Kansas (1)

1. On the way to the farm, I stopped at Atwoods to pick up some candy for A and for Randy. I wandered through the toy aisles. Toys at Atwoods are the same as years ago, but different! My Mom always made sure my boys had John Deere Tractors when they were young. – the toy ones. : )  So I was fascinated with what I saw on that aisle.


20131113_105551     20131113_105556

2. Which brings me to this – If you have children to buy toys for, you really should check out Atwoods. They have great – quality toys.



These are only a few of their toys. They have many more. For boys and girls!

3. When I get to the farm I’m always greeted – usually halfheartedly by these:


4. Much more enthusiastically by Buddy:


5. Winter has arrived. Cold temperatures. When I got to the farm Mom said she wasn’t sure I would come since it was so cold! Which was sweet but I’d be spending a lot of time at home in the house if I stayed inside because of cold weather. She agreed! I also explained that I really enjoy the brisk weather.

6. Did you know that Gunsmoke ran for 20 years. 1955-1975.

7. Marshall Dillon killed 240 people in those 20 years. 12 men per season.

8. Miss Kitty died at 60 – in real life. She had been married 4 times. She lead a quiet life and wasn’t promiscuous but died of Aids. At one point in her life she was down and out. A good friend of many years married her to help her out financially. They were married less than a year. He was well known for being a homosexual and he died of aids years before she did. It is assumed she contacted aids from him.

9. My brother is in Texas getting some training for his job.

10. Every farmer has an equipment grave yard. – At least every farmer I know!


11. Ringwood District passed their Bond for improvements to be made at the school. They won’t have to  raise the taxes for this.  I’m glad to see they are going to be able to make some much needed improvements on the school.

12. I always enjoy reading the Enid Paper and the Fairview Paper while I’m at the farm. There are always interesting articles to read.

13. As I was leaving the farm I saw some wild turkeys in Dad and Mom’s front yard:


Entering Kansas (1)
And as always, I’m so very glad to be home.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ANOTHER Fall Project!

Cold weather is coming here. Last year we wintered some of our plants in the garage but that's not easy when you want to park vehicles in there. So, the husband had another idea to winter the plants!!! Love that man!!

DSCN4420     DSCN4425

DSCN4427     DSCN4429




If this works, we are building a sturdier one next year with wood and plastic.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Let’s Do Church


Yesterday morning when I walked out of our church building, I looked around and felt revived. You know, that clean feeling that you get once in a while? That was it.

Everything around me looked as if it had been rinsed clean – like it often does when we have a rain shower and all the dust is removed from everything. – the trees, flowers – even the air. We especially notice this rinsing in farming areas when farmers are working up their ground and the dust hangs heavy in the air. Then God sends a rain shower and all of that dust settles and the sky looks bluer, trees look greener – well, you get the picture of what I’m saying, right?

That’s the way I felt yesterday.

I left knowing the Holy Spirit had been in that place and He moved, He spoke, He revived.

The singing worship time had been anointed. The music spoke to me, the prayer time moved me, the sermon challenged and convicted me. The bursting into a capella singing during the sermon was uplifting.

- and all of those feelings have to do with me. With the way God touched me during this service.

So, what do I do with that? Go into my week feeling good about “doing church”? – letting it wear off by Wednesday? – Thursday?  Because it will you know. The feelings we have when we have finished “doing church” go away….


Unless we go into Monday, praising, worshiping, praying, listening, reading God’s Word, being still, every thing I experienced in our church service Sunday morning – I should experience every day. Doing Church does me no good unless I’m willing to BE the CHURCH throughout the week. When things feel good. When things feel bad.

Our feelings are going to fluctuate like a roller coaster throughout the days. BUT feelings are just that. Feelings.

Doing Church is what revives me on Sundays. But unless I “Be the Church” the rest of the time – it’s just becomes a feel good day.  Boyce bringing us into the presence of God when we sing, when we pray. Brad bringing us to the foot of the cross when he breaks open God’s Word and exhorts, builds up, teaches and holds us accountable. Those actions just become habit – same-o same-o. We do church – half-heartedly many times.

But then – my responsibility is to BE the Church the rest of the time. That is what I want to do. That is what I’ve been challenged to do. That is what I strive to do every day.

Being the church is what brings those feelings up a level into a lifestyle. THAT’S IT. THAT’S WHAT I WANT… I want the lifestyle of “Be the Church!”

I can do that!

BE the CHURCH. Pray - daily, read God’s Word – daily, praise Him – daily, worship Him – daily. Let every single person that sees me – see Him in me. WORK at it. Let it happen.



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Worship–Experiencing the Presence of God

DSCN4016              DSCN4017
“Since we are receiving a kingdom that is unshakable, let us be thankful and please God by worshiping Him with holy fear and awe.”
Hebrews 12:28 (NLT)

Worship was never intended to be an event
It was meant to be a lifestyle.
Many people think of worship as the music we enjoy on Sunday mornings. But it is so much more than that. Worship wasn’t intended to be put in a box  -  kept apart from all other areas of our life. Worship was meant to permeate every area. To be a part of us.
Worship is anything that brings pleasure to God.
Any time we break open the Word of God, we are worshiping Him. When we pray His Word, we are worshipping Him.

Worship helps us to pause in all of our busy – ness to experience God. Worship  helps us to “Be still and know that He is God.”

It is a lifestyle, not an event.

We worship God when we pray, when we give thanks to God for all He has done for us, through music and in acknowledging our struggles.  When we admit to God that we are unhappy or bitter as Naomi was in the book of Ruth  – that, too, is worship.  In expressing our true feelings to God – it turns into worship.

I have an old friend that lost her son the first week of November. He was a young adult and had not been ill so it was more than a shock. Each day, my friend continued to post something she was thankful for on face book. This is true worship. Being thankful and knowing God is there even when the hurt is so deep that  it’s hard to even acknowledge Him. – when our prayers become groaning's that are too deep for words – this is true worship.

When you go through a crisis, trust God to keep His promise. He will take care of you. When life gets tough – and yet you continue to trust Him, you worship him in the deepest way possible.

When your life is rocking along and all is well, worship  God. He is taking care of you and worship as a lifestyle in the good times help us to continue when life takes those unexpected turns. 

Worship was meant to be a lifestyle.