Saturday, April 30, 2016


Well, so, here I am. April 30, 2016.

Five years ago today I married the love of my life!! What a wonderful day it was!


I look back over the last five years and with the exception of this last one I can honestly say it was the best of times!

And this past year? I cannot say it was the worst of times because even with great loss – I have fabulous memories!!

Randy and I loved being married!

We loved working together in our church!

We loved working together at Curly Girl!

We loved playing Words With Friends!

We loved reading together!

We loved watching TV together!

He was my biggest cheerleader!

I loved him with all my heart and he loved me with all his heart.

If a marriage can be perfect – ours was as perfect as they come!
Maybe because of our age?

But I believe it was because God brought us together for a reason!
It was a miracle that we met!

Shout out to my brother-in-law Steve who talked me into getting on I will be forever grateful to you for that.

I could get really sappy in this post…. but I’m really not a sappy type of person! (I don’t even like Nicholas Sparks’ books!) But if/when I ever do get sappy you can bet it will be over Randy!!

So, dear readers – savor each moment.
 Hug a lot.
Say “I love you” often.
 Hold hands.
Praise and encourage one another.
 Look for the good in one another.
 Be your mates cheerleader.
 Pray for one another!

Be thankful for every moment you have together!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My Opinion

I think in blog form.

While thinking, I often begin putting my thoughts into blog form. I have a lot to say. At least, when thinking, I believe I have a lot to say.

Then I come to my computer and it all vanishes.

Oh, yes, I do that – I write down my thoughts. My ideas, so I won’t forget all the important things I have to say.

Then I come to my computer and look at those thoughts, those very important thoughts and ideas and I think – who wants to hear this?

I take pictures in blog form.

While taking pictures I form a caption in my mind.
(which has absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of this post - I just thought it was important for you to know this. For no reason....)

Years ago – when my 40+ daughter was in high school Smile I would listen to my heroine Elizabeth Elliot while waiting at South High to pick up this daughter after school. On one of her radio shows (before podcast!)  Elizabeth talked about personal opinion.

This isn’t word for word – just my paraphrase – because as I said – it was a few years ago! But Elizabeth said:
When did we become a society that believes we must have an opinion on everything? It’s not necessary. It is okay to say, “I have no opinion on that subject.” It is also okay to say, ”My opinion is just that – my opinion and I don’t need to share it with others (or the world.)”
Take the subjects you really know about and have an opinion if you wish but unless you’ve done the research – don’t voice an opinion as if you are an expert.

I think of this often when I do come to my computer and click on the little pencil that takes me to Windows Live Writer. I do have a voice. But I don’t have to get on a soapbox about every little thing or big thing. I don’t have to have an opinion on every little thing or big thing. 

My opinion is just that. My opinion. And it means very little to others. Only me!!!

So, this is today’s opinion on my opinion…..

Thank you and good day