Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Where did November go?

Here I am on the last day of November and realize that I haven't blogged since the first week in October... Worse yet, I'm not sure I've read a complete book in the last 2 months... I KNOW.... I can't believe it either. I had no idea how busy life would get.

Jonathan has been in the process of moving, I've been spending my free time with Randy as much as possible, going to church in Wichita is a blessing but that takes time, I'm trying to keep up with all of my wonderful friends who stood by me and helped me through the last few years, plus work.... I feel like I am pulled in many directions! I know, I know, I'm whining!

I have enjoyed reading the blogs that I follow and catch myself wondering why they don't have new posts if it's been a day or two since they've shared... Then I realized it's been 2 MONTHS for me.. Man, I have got to get busy! I've thought of doing a blog on getting married in your late 50's but even though I write them in my head, I haven't taken the time to write them down.

So I apologize to those of you who follow my blog. I have read enough books in my life I know I have books to talk about. Now, if I'll just take the time to do it.