Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Prayer Journal

Two and a half years ago I began Bible Journaling. I shared about that H.E.R.E. That was the beginning of my journey. 

Well, this summer I am not teaching and have some spare time so I wanted to grow in a Spiritual area so I chose Prayer. I had been keeping lists of requests in a spiral notebook.

Prayer Journal 5

I decided I wanted to go into prayer deeper and in a more organized manner. So after reading Stone Soup For Five's Blog on “4 Steps to Create Your Personal Prayer Binder” and watching Gina Garland on you tube I was ready to go!

I had purchased one of Illustrated Faith's Praise Book quite some time ago but hadn’t done anything with it except I had made one page into a missionary page.

But – I wanted to use a verse I had picked for the front of the notebook. So I took the pages out of the Praise Book – because I love them!! and gave the praise 3-ring binder to a friend who was wanting to start her own prayer binder. Then I chose a 3-ring binder that has the pocket on the front so I could add my own cover.

My Bible Study Group had just finished a short study on the Tabernacle and I wanted to use Psalm 141:2 for the cover.

Prayer Journal 4
“May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.” Psalm 141:2

The first page in my binder came from this book:

The Hour that changes the world    
                         Prayer Journal 3

My first 5 sections I pray daily:

Prayer Journal 2    
     First is Worship.

     Second, me.

     Third, my immediate family.

     Fourth, my Bible Study Ladies.

     Fifth, my Life Group. 

Since I am widowed, I don’t have a section for Husband and Marriage. That’s why I added my Covenant Sisters and Life Group here. (I will break these sections down more in my next blog.)

Then I have the section in the middle for general Prayer Requests.

Prayer requests

The second half of my Prayer Notebook is divided by the days of the week.

On Monday I pray for Christian’s I don’t know and for the salvation of the lost.

Tuesday’s I pray for my family – My Dad, Brother and his family, My close Christian friends, Aunts, etc.

Wednesday I set aside to pray for the Leaders of my Church.

Thursday’s I pray for Missionaries.

Friday’s I pray for our government, Jerusalem and world issues.

There is no right or wrong way to set up a prayer journal/notebook. Everyone has their own heart tugs.

I will go into each section in more detail in upcoming blogs.

I hope this will encourage you to become more intentional in your prayer life.

The other book I have for prayer is:

by Priscilla Shirer

I highly recommend both books mentioned in this post.

Be sure and share with me your journey in prayer!

Have a Blessed week!

Monday, June 19, 2017

Honk if you’re Happy!!

 This blog was written in March 2017, but for some reason I never published it. Here it is - a little late but still sincere.

1000 gifts book
I started this book in January. It’s moved me almost every day. Ann Voskamp is a real person who feels real life – like I do. – But this isn’t a book review.

Today her topic was “Honk if you’re Happy.” She had read a story about a man who put this sign up on the highway by his house when his wife was ill. In reading the story I discovered his sign cheered those who honked and his wife when she would hear the honks. Our actions matter. Our words matter. 

Let me tell you my story of simple words, simple actions that have had a very grateful effect.

Two years ago this month, Randy needed a heart stint. A very routine procedure and we had the “best” cardiologist in the state!

We were planning the estate sales we were going to once this was over!! The procedure was just a hiccup in a smooth week of Antique Mall business!

When the very nice nurse was wheeling him into surgery I said to her, “Take good care of him – he is the love of my life!” And he gave me that ornery grin he had as I kissed him on the forehead.

Well, he didn’t make it. This simple procedure turned into the most devastating day of my life.

BUT I cannot explain to you the comfort I’ve had over these past two years when I recall those last moments we had. He went into the surgery with a smile and knowing that I loved him - That he really was the love of my life.

So, no matter how simple an action may be – a honk on the roadside, a kiss on the forehead – remember it really does matter.