Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Have You Seen Him Naked?

Ahhh. The Preacher. Pastor. Minister. Call him what you want - his job is one of the hardest in the world. 

The person that stands behind the pulpit every Sunday morning has dedicated his life to sharing Jesus.

He is to be respected. 

But, OMGosh... Did you SEE what he wore to preach in this week?

Did you by any chance watch how his kids were acting last week?

Can you BELIEVE his wife doesn't play the piano?

He doesn't say enough.

He says waay too much.

His sermon was too long.

He doesn't preach long enough.. - 
says no one - ever....

He should take the log out of his eye..... 
oh, excuse me, I can't see you . 
There's something in my eye.

He's so heavenly minded, he's no earthly good.

He is certainly not spiritual enough.


How often do you have "roast" for Sunday dinner? Roast Preacher I mean.... It's so easy to do. Because no one can meet everyone's needs completely 100% of the time.  What do YOUR kids hear you say about the preacher? What do your friends hear you say?

He's a man that has been called into a privileged work. But it's also a work that puts him under constant scrutiny. And lets face it, he's not Jesus. Do I hear an amen???

Two older sayings I think of while expounding on this subject: 1)he puts his pants on one leg at a time. 2) he looks the same naked as any other man. 

He really is the very same as any other man. God created him the same as he created you. He (God) has called you to be a Christian. He (God) has called your minister to be a Christian. See him (your preacher) as God sees him. A man that is still growing, still trying, still sharing the Gospel. Sometimes he makes a mistake. Sometimes he gets it right. It's up to Y.O.U. to make sure he is encouraged, loved and forgiven. After all, that's what you want others to do for you, right?

If you have heard me say anything negative about the preacher - forgive me. I want to be an encourager. I want to see my ministers the way God sees them.

Prayer is the work of the church.

Let's do our part and pray.

Pray DAILY for your Ministers.

It's what God expects.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Group Life Rocks

Today we had a Group Life Pot Luck Dinner after church. Each small group was to have designed and made a T- shirt for their group, wear them to church this morning -as a promotion for belonging to Group Life and after service we were going to have our dinner.

We have about 8 active small groups.

This table with the blue cloth is our group.

Pastor Brad

Our Pastor often wears sweater vests and 
this group designed each individual t-shirt 
to resemble a sweater vest!!

-After all - if you can't make fun of the pastor 
you might as well find another church!!! Right?

This small group is the "Core" group.
They are the catalyst for the other groups.

So their shirts have a clever double meaning!!

We also have some very good fishermen!

And who could forget 
March Madness??


These are the winning shirts!!

Ahh, my beautiful friend, Susan is in this group!

Boyce, Minister of Music
(so sorry this is blurry!!) 

Randy and I have enjoyed making Group Life our ministry and 
God has truly blessed us with these people!

My beautiful grand joined us for lunch!!

Pastor Bob

What do we do at our Group Life?


I forgot to get a close - up of our group's shirt!!
Can you tell I took this one of the Husband 
his Sunday nap??? 


Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Week of Diversity

It started out as any other April week.

Then Wednesday came - the day I usually travel to Oklahoma... 

Didn't happen.

Can you tell this is ICE?? The trees were beautiful. 

The sound the ice made in the gently blowing wind was amazing!!! 

But, it did not make for a good travel day!

Thursday when we went sale-ing - there were broken trees, fallen limbs all over the city. : ( 

Now it's Saturday! A gorgeous day. 

Spring is "springing" up all over! 

I may need to paint the chairs this spring?? 

Or maybe stay with the rustic look!

Looks like Paint is much needed several places!

Enjoy your diverse Spring!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hobbies. Crafts. Art. - whatever

I used to quilt. Some. Not much and not well. I made the grands quilts. Here are some of them. 

 I think this is Tim's. Or it may be Jonathan's.
not sure.




- anyway, you get the picture.

Well, I wanted to try a new hobby. Or craft. Or Art. Or - whatever.

So - I tried Media Art. Still learning. Still need to practice. But sure having fun!

 you are the bee's knees

 Be strong and courageous

Some of the details on the Kansas canvas:

 KANSAS - the land of Oz where I met my wonderful wizard.

the petals: loves me, loves me not, loves me

Lot's to learn.


Great therapy!

The person that first got me interested in this art is Jan Reckers at

She is very good and her art is for sale! Take a look at what a good artist can do! And if you need a gift - she has some great stuff available. I gave her art for  Christmas gifts!

What's Your Ministry Passion?

I have been challenged by Nehemiah before. The notes I took from a sermon on this Old Testament book Y.E.A.R.S  ago are some I still carry in my Bible cover. I look at them every once in a while to remind myself of his character qualities and that I would like those same qualities in my life.

Immediately when Nehemiah learned of the fate of Jerusalem and the Jews that lived there he wept, mourned, prayed and fasted. His heart was broken with compassion for his people.

Nehemiah 2:12:
I set out during the night with a few others. I had not told anyone what my God had put in my heart to do for Jerusalem. There were no mounts with me except the one I was riding on. (emphasis mine)

God put a "ministry passion" (my phrase) on Nehemiah's heart. God gave him a compassion for something/someone and guided him into acting on this passion.

While in prayer, Nehemiah:

  • Acknowledged and praised God  
  • Asked God to hear his pleas and confessed his sins
  • Prayed God's Word
  • Acknowledged all God had done for him
  • Petitioned God

Praying in this way encouraged Nehemiah to act on his ministry passion.

Oswald Chambers has been credited with saying, "Too often we treat prayer as the preparation for the work of the church. Do you not see? Prayer is the work of the church."  

Prayer prepares me.

Prayer prepares my church.

"We will accomplish little of eternal significance apart from prayer." Kelly Minter


Prayer is the key. 

Prayer is the foundation to build our ministry.

Prayer is the foundation to build our ministry passion.

Also, Nehemiah prayed for several months before he acted. A great reminder to NOT get ahead of God.

In Kings, God tells David, "It is well to have this in your heart."

David's Ministry Passion was on his heart - just as Nehemiah's.

What do you have in your heart?

What is your ministry passion?

Are you taking time to pray about it?

It is well to have your ministry passion on your heart.

Pray and listen, God will guide.

Some of my thoughts and notes from Ladies Bible Study.  "The Living Room Series"  "Nehemiah A Heart That Can Break" by Kelly Minter

My personal favorite devotional book "My Utmost For His Highest" by Oswald Chambers

Monday, April 8, 2013

Dancing With the Stars

Well, it's easy for me to be in my comfy chair 

here in my living room

 - critiquing the Stars that are dancing!

I have no rhythm.


At all!

I have no idea how to waltz

 - let alone cha cha, pasa doble, 

rhamba, fox trot, 

or ANY of the other dances they do.

But I'm quick to pick who does well and who doesn't!! 

: )

I am a pro at that!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traits of a Leader

Traits of a Leader From Nehemiah Chapter 1

Click Here To read Nehemiah Chapter 1, NIV

Nehemiah was a Cupbearer for the King. One of his duties was to  choose and taste the king's wine to make certain that it was not poisoned.

When Hanani, one of Nehemiah's brothers came from Judah with some other men to Susa, Nehemiah wanted to hear all the news. So he questioned them about the Jewish remnant that survived the exile, and also about Jerusalem.

They explained that those who survived were in great trouble and in disgrace and that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down and the gates had been burned.

This is the beginning of Nehemiah and the rest of the verses in chapter one show us the traits of a true leader. - Which I have listed here.

  1. A true leader is concerned about his/her people - verse 2 
  2. A true leader weeps - verse 4
  3. A true leader mourns - verse 4
  4. A true leader fasts  - verse 4
  5. A true leader prays - verse 4
  6. A true leader acknowledges God - verse 5
  7. A true leader recognizes he must love God  and keep His commands - verse 5
  8. A true leader confesses his/her sins -verse 6
  9. A true leader is persistent in prayer - Verse 6
  10. A true leader knows God's Word - verse 8
  11. A true leader enjoys unreserved confidence of others and realizes a need for trustworthy peers - verse 11