Sunday, April 21, 2013

Group Life Rocks

Today we had a Group Life Pot Luck Dinner after church. Each small group was to have designed and made a T- shirt for their group, wear them to church this morning -as a promotion for belonging to Group Life and after service we were going to have our dinner.

We have about 8 active small groups.

This table with the blue cloth is our group.

Pastor Brad

Our Pastor often wears sweater vests and 
this group designed each individual t-shirt 
to resemble a sweater vest!!

-After all - if you can't make fun of the pastor 
you might as well find another church!!! Right?

This small group is the "Core" group.
They are the catalyst for the other groups.

So their shirts have a clever double meaning!!

We also have some very good fishermen!

And who could forget 
March Madness??


These are the winning shirts!!

Ahh, my beautiful friend, Susan is in this group!

Boyce, Minister of Music
(so sorry this is blurry!!) 

Randy and I have enjoyed making Group Life our ministry and 
God has truly blessed us with these people!

My beautiful grand joined us for lunch!!

Pastor Bob

What do we do at our Group Life?


I forgot to get a close - up of our group's shirt!!
Can you tell I took this one of the Husband 
his Sunday nap??? 


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