Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Traits of a Leader

Traits of a Leader From Nehemiah Chapter 1

Click Here To read Nehemiah Chapter 1, NIV

Nehemiah was a Cupbearer for the King. One of his duties was to  choose and taste the king's wine to make certain that it was not poisoned.

When Hanani, one of Nehemiah's brothers came from Judah with some other men to Susa, Nehemiah wanted to hear all the news. So he questioned them about the Jewish remnant that survived the exile, and also about Jerusalem.

They explained that those who survived were in great trouble and in disgrace and that the wall of Jerusalem was broken down and the gates had been burned.

This is the beginning of Nehemiah and the rest of the verses in chapter one show us the traits of a true leader. - Which I have listed here.

  1. A true leader is concerned about his/her people - verse 2 
  2. A true leader weeps - verse 4
  3. A true leader mourns - verse 4
  4. A true leader fasts  - verse 4
  5. A true leader prays - verse 4
  6. A true leader acknowledges God - verse 5
  7. A true leader recognizes he must love God  and keep His commands - verse 5
  8. A true leader confesses his/her sins -verse 6
  9. A true leader is persistent in prayer - Verse 6
  10. A true leader knows God's Word - verse 8
  11. A true leader enjoys unreserved confidence of others and realizes a need for trustworthy peers - verse 11

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