Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom

Well, we're closing in on April. April 15th - to be exact. Most people understand what this means. Are you overwhelmed? Do you feel as if you have a backlog of paperwork?

Frontiersmen had a hard time keeping their fires going. Matches were rare and flint and steel often failed in damp weather. They tried to keep a fire burning without interruption for months at a time. - My Dad heats their house with a fireplace - he never lets their fire go out during the winter months.

For the pioneers to keep their fires going, they would put a green log in the back of the fireplace, and let it smolder for days. They would pile the dry wood in front of it to catch fire from the embers of the green log.

The backlog was not used for fuel itself - except in an emergency. 

Today we call any sort of reserve a "backlog."

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