Sunday, March 14, 2010

Emily Post's Etiquette

Randy. - my friend from Wichita came to visit this weekend. He got the grand tour of Ringwood,  of Indian Creek Winery, and of course Enid. We went to the "Emporium" an antique mall in Enid. I found the most amazing  book! "Emily Post's Etiquette" The Blue Book of Social UsageOn the front cover it says "To My Readers: I have completely rewritten this new edition of ETIQUETTE because the problems of modern life demand certain changes in the forms of living.  All of the fundamental principles, of course, have been left untouched.  I have omitted certain non-essential customs and old-fashioned ideas; and I have added much new material in the hope that this book will continue to be as useful in its many years to come, as the old editions have been in the past. Emily Post"
This is the 76th printing in 1950. The original edition copyright was in 1922.
I have greatly enjoyed skimming through many parts this evening. I've got to wonder what "old fashioned " ideas Miss Post removed from the book! Here are some of the chapter titles:
  • Visiting-Cards and Their Uses
  • The Vanished Chaperon and Other Lost Conventions
  • Telephone Courtesy
  • Smoking Etiquette
  • Formal Correspondence
  • Manners for Motorists
  • Maids' Dining Alcove in an Apartment
  • The Tray for a Guest Who Breakfasts in Bed
When was the last time we gave thought to visiting cards, chaperons or courtesy on the phone?? :)
How would you really feel if you had guests and they said before retiring to bed, "Oh, I'll take breakfast in bed at 9:00. I'm up a little late tonight!"
Maybe we should post "Manners for Motorists" on our sun-visors! It surely couldn't hurt, could it?
I am greatly enjoying this book and feel like I got a great bargain at $6.00. Thank you Randy for the joy of looking at "junk"...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Golden Books

One of my collections includes "Little Golden Books." My favorite "Ben and Me" with my name inside was published in 1954. My first history lesson! It's about Benjamin Franklin and the story is told by a mouse named Amos that lived with Ben. I still believe that Amos is the one who created bifocals!
     Then my second favorite is "Mr. Wiggs Birthday Party" a story from Mary Poppins. This one also has my name in it and it was published in 1952.
     When I first became a "serious" :) collector of books it was these two that got me interested in Little Golden Books. So now I keep my eyes open for great finds. I love it when the book has a name inside because that shows me it was loved and had a history.
My collection is still small but it includes:

  • Seven Little Postmen  with Carol's name in it. It was published in 1952
  • The Pokey Little Puppy that was given to "Buttons" from Aunt Elsie,           Published in 1942.
  • The Saggy Baggy Elephant was published in 1947 and has no name in it.  :(
  • Donny and Marie The Top Secret Project When I saw this one for sale, I just couldn't resist!! It was published in 1977 and was given to Mandy from her Grandpa and Grandma.
  • The Happy Little Whale 1969 edition. No name.
  • Pebbles Flintstone with no name and published in 1963.
  • Mike was the previous owner of Scuffy the Tugboat This was the 8th printing - in 1955. The book was first published in 1946.
  • Mary Poppins A Jolly Holiday published in 1964.
  • Heidi belonged to a Library and was published in 1954.
  • Dr. Dan at the Circus published in 1960
  • Exploring Space was owned by Richard and it was published in 1958.

     Most of these books are in very good shape. I will admit the ones the most worn are my two personal copies!  You can tell I spent hours looking and reading these two books.
     Think of all the children that have enjoyed "Little Golden Books" over the years.

And if you have any stuck away someplace - I would be more than happy to  give them a home with my own collection!!