About Me

Welcome to my blog. 

I have lived many places - in Indiana and Jamaica but most of my life has been spent in Oklahoma and Kansas. 

I'm a widow, a mom, a Grammy, and I am a Christian.  Sometimes I'm better at one than the other! But I work hard to be the woman I've been created to be.

I was married to a minister for 37 years.  God gave me the grace and dignity of Esther as my life was changed through divorce.

In hard times I've learned 3 things: I am stronger than I ever imagined, Jesus was closer than I ever realized, and I am loved more than I ever knew.

I then married a wonderful Christian man that took my breath away! He was my knight in shining armor and a solid foundation to a wonderful life. Followers of Jesus and we loved each other more than we could ever have imagined. We had 5 FABULOUS years together and then He died unexpectedly in March of 2015. God gives me the strength and courage of Joshua and helps me live day to day.

My blog is about my journey here in the Midwest, about books, it's about caring for my Dad from a state away and the struggles and triumphs of a woman saved by grace.

Welcome to my world.



  1. You forgot to mention your wonderful, sometimes, Christian friends.

  2. : ) yes, I did. I have WONDERFUL friends all over the US and in Jamaica!! And one in Japan!! My friends help hold me accountable and they make me laugh!! - and every once in awhile we cry! God has truly blessed me!