Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Several years ago, I lived in Indiana. One evening we had guests in our home for dinner. When they came, she brought a hostess gift. She said over the course of the evening that her mamma would never allow for her to go to someone’s home without taking a thank you gift.

Not a bad idea. Over the years I sometimes took a gift but not always.

There are traditional house warming gifts – but I’m not sure there are traditional hostess gifts.

Traditional house warming gifts often include:
  • Honey – may it bring you plenty of money or so you will always enjoy the sweetness of life.
  • Plants – May your home always have life.
  • Wine – Always enjoy life in this home and never go thirsty.
  • Olive Oil – May your home always have health and well being.
  • Bread – so that this house will never know hunger or so your cupboards will always be full.
  • Candle – So you may dwell in light and happiness.
  • Broom – So your home will always be clean or Sweep away any evil or bad luck.
  • Wood – May your home have stability, harmony and peace.
  • Coin – So you may dwell in good fortune.

I’m sure there are many more. What are some that you have given or been given?

What are some of your ideas for hostess gifts?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Husband’s Projects

We love being retired! The husband has started some projects and is having a good time with them. I’m enjoying the benefits of his talent!

He started with a table he needed for his corner in the office.
Building corner table for office (2)

Corner Table for Office (3)

He also decided to make some solar lights for the back yard!

Solar Lights

He made me a GORGEOUS Valentine’s gift!

Book Randy made (2)

And today, while I was helping Michelle organize her craft room he made this:

2X4 Bench (2)
2X4 Bench (3)
2X4 Bench (4)
This project will be painted later.

I love that he is enjoying his retirement! – with the added bonus of lots of new stuff for the yard and house!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Name Droppers

All of us have had conversations with “name droppers.” Right? Sometimes it’s no big deal but sometimes it can be a real pain. Right, again?

Well, have you ever heard of penny droppers?


I became a penny dropper several years ago in Oklahoma after reading one of Lilian Jackson Braun’s “The Cat Who…” books. Mildred, one of her beloved characters was a “penny dropper” and gave me the idea.

“Find a penny, pick it up,
All the day you’ll have good luck.”

More verses:
“Find a penny pick it up,
All the day you’ll have good luck.
Find a penny leave it lay
Bad luck you’ll have all day.”


“Find a penny pick it up,
All day you’ll have good luck.
Find a penny leave it there
all the day you”ll have despair.”


“Find a penny pick it up,
All the day you’ll have good luck.
Give a penny to a friend,
your luck will never end.”


“Find a penny pick it up,
All the day you”ll have good luck.
Put the penny in your shoe,
Good luck will come to you.”

Anyway, you get the idea of what I mean. Being a “penny dropper” means that I drop penny’s when I’m in public places! Trying to bring a little good luck to people!!

- It’s a feel good thing!

DSCN6918          DSCN6915

Join the Penny Dropper club!! Add some joy to someone’s life!!

Don’t be discouraged by the naysayers that won’t pick up a “worthless” penny!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Lies, White Lies and Fibs

Disclaimer -
This is not a theologically sound post – just some thoughts that came to me while reading.

“Google” gave me some interesting definitions when I typed in '”Lies vs White Lies vs Fibs.”

          “Lie – a false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive.”

          “Fibs are lies without much importance and they are harmless.”

         “White lies are used to avoid offending people, often avoiding realistic implications of the truth.
example: “That dress looks pretty on you.”

Fibs are childish/insignificant lies.
          example: “I didn’t take the cookie from the cookie jar. Steve did.”

All of us have told a “white lie.”  - if you haven’t can you share your secret on HOW you haven’t.  It’s not something any of us are proud of – we just do it.

Some of the most common “white lies” are:

  • “You look just like you did in high school!”
  • “Don’t worry, he won’t bite.”
  • “I’m fine.”
  • “Of course I remember you!”
  • “This won’t hurt a bit – just a little discomfort.”
  • “ The Doctor will be with you in a moment.” (however, I’m not sure this can be considered a “little” white lie!)

We often say things so we won’t hurt another’s feelings… Or maybe we just don’t have time to go into details so we glibly give a simple answer..

Whatever our reasoning we often rattle off an answer or give a simple statement that isn’t always the truth.

What are the most common “white lies” you hear? – or that you tell?

Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Morning on the Deck

Encouragement during my first cup of coffee:


Second cup of coffee? Murder!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Working Outside!

The weather today was FABULOUS!!

We have had some strange weather lately but today – today was gorgeous!

The husband worked on some of his wood craft items. A. worked for a neighbor in her yard. I planted some sedum and moved some other plants around.

We decided to cook out for dinner and while the husband was cooking Smile I walked around and took pictures of a few of the blooms I had been enjoying all day.

DSCN6876          DSCN6880


DSCN6888          DSCN6889

DSCN6894          DSCN6892



Then I got to visit with a neighbor over the fence!

DSCN6904          DSCN6901

Friday, April 11, 2014

My Bible

I’ve mentioned “My Bible” many times in my blog. I’ve shown you pictures and have written about all of the notes I have  in this precious book.

My Bible              DSCN3426

Esther (2)

I have had this Bible since 1991. I’ve used it and worn it out. But, not to the point that I’m ready to replace it.  I love my notes and I love the way the leather cover is pliable.  I’m comfortable with this book.

Well, a few months ago, I decided for my “bucket list” – of which I had NONE, that I wanted to study – not just read but really study each book of the Bible. – Preferably in the Inductive Bible Study Method. Kay Arthur developed “Precept Upon Precept” which you can learn more about H.E.R.E. 

So, I ordered a new Inductive Study Bible….

Inductive Bible ESV (2)                  Inductive Bible ESV (3)

I have had it a couple of weeks and have started on my “bucket list.”  YAY!!!!    BUT…

I have a dilemma! I feel so loyal to my old Bible! It’s been hard for me to make a switch! I mentioned this on face book and got so many wonderful, funny, and encouraging comments!

I don’t feel inclined to carry both Bibles to Bible Study so believe I will continue using my “old” Bible for church, etc. and use the new one for my personal Bible Study.

As one dear friend mentioned, using a new Bible with no notes  may cause me to be  able to “hear” God more clearly as He teaches me new things.

Do you have a favorite Bible you are reluctant to give up?

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Turkey’s at Life Group!!

We host a Life Group in our home every week! We love the concept of small groups. The idea of fulfilling the great commission through small groups. - Through fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship.

We have 12 members in our group – which pretty much fills up our living room!

Last week, we were just beginning the lesson when Judy spoke up and said, “There is a turkey on your porch!”

Well, we have a small front porch:

DSCN0633 - Copy

      It’s 7 feet wide.


We all got up to see – and sure enough there was a turkey – I’m sure he was wanting to join us for our study of “The Story.”

Wildlife in yard (1)
 By the time I got my camera and got back to the front door, our guest was taking off. Apparently, after seeing our group, he decided it wasn’t something he wanted to be involved with.

Wildlife in yard (2)


            “Get me outta here!”

It was an exciting moment for us as we headed back to our study!

Who or “what” is the most exciting guest 
you have welcomed to your home?

Sunday, April 6, 2014


A Pastor who uses Basketball analogies has my attention from the get-go!  Great job Pastor Brad.

The Owner/Coach: Jesus Christ

The Team: Christians

The Playing Field (I know he meant court!): The World

The Playbook: The Bible

Game Day: Everyday

The Spectators in the stands: A Crowd of Angelic Witnesses (Heb 12:1)

And I know how this game will end because we are told in our playbook that:

WE win in the end!!!

I am learning to love my church!! I’ve been slow to this love because of so many reasons from my past. God has let me take my time to accept all of the changes in my life and my church home. He is so good.

My husband has been an encourager and a listener..  Bless him!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

“Loot Beer” is My Favorite Soda!

This little song bird has been teaching her mom how to sing some old favorites!


I have been singing a couple of songs WRONG!!! But thanks to this beauty, I now know the REAL lyrics!!

If you're happy and you know it
Clap your hands
If you're happy and you know it
Clap your hands

Is actually:

If you're happy in your nose
Clap your hands
If you're happy in your nose
Clap your hands

So very glad I have that straightened out! – After all these years, who knew???

Also to continue your education, Row Row Row your boat is another one I’ve been singing incorrectly…

Row Row Row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily
Life is butter dream!

So thankful I have those two songs right now… No telling what else I’m singing wrong!!

I remember y.e.a.r.s. ago that Elizabeth Elliot said she was a young adult before she realized “Bringing in the Sheaves” wasn’t “Bringing in the Sheets!”

Of course the “Happy in your nose” song makes perfect sense for a little that has “Loot Beer” as her favorite drink!!!  I’m sure the bubbles in her nose makes it happy!!

“Loot Beer" is Mammy’s favorite soda, too, Sweetie!!

Share your favorite "alternate" lyrics for songs!! Would love to hear them.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Machine Quilters Showcase, Part 2

The husband and I attended the “Machine Quilters Showcase” and you can read Part one H.E.R.E.

Some more pictures of the beautiful quilts we got to see:




This may be hard to read so I put the information beside the picture below.


This quilt was UNBELIEVABLE!
It was made from a cross stitch pattern and each stitch was a small square. There are 17,500 squares in this quilt! It took the gentleman 2.5 years to piece together!

Not to repeat myself but 

There was also a large display of wearable art:

20140403_124724     20140403_124732

I loved this one!



This one was another fascinating one:



20140403_130326             20140403_130344

This is the quilt I will be winning as soon as they have the drawing!!! Smile


My very favorite quilt at the show: (drum-roll please)


I L.O.V.E. this quilt!!!

Sunbonnet Sue lost her bonnet in the wind!!