Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Several years ago, I lived in Indiana. One evening we had guests in our home for dinner. When they came, she brought a hostess gift. She said over the course of the evening that her mamma would never allow for her to go to someone’s home without taking a thank you gift.

Not a bad idea. Over the years I sometimes took a gift but not always.

There are traditional house warming gifts – but I’m not sure there are traditional hostess gifts.

Traditional house warming gifts often include:
  • Honey – may it bring you plenty of money or so you will always enjoy the sweetness of life.
  • Plants – May your home always have life.
  • Wine – Always enjoy life in this home and never go thirsty.
  • Olive Oil – May your home always have health and well being.
  • Bread – so that this house will never know hunger or so your cupboards will always be full.
  • Candle – So you may dwell in light and happiness.
  • Broom – So your home will always be clean or Sweep away any evil or bad luck.
  • Wood – May your home have stability, harmony and peace.
  • Coin – So you may dwell in good fortune.

I’m sure there are many more. What are some that you have given or been given?

What are some of your ideas for hostess gifts?

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  1. I love this list! Here in Scotland we always take a hostess gift. I sometimes laugh when we have company and they enter our home with arms full of presents. I feel like it's my birthday every time I host a dinner party!