Thursday, April 3, 2014

Machine Quilters Showcase, Part 1

“up, up and away” International Machine Quilters Association, Quilt Show was held in Wichita the first week in April, 2014.


The husband and I went. I KNOW! Isn’t he the most amazing husband – EVER?? 

Proof that he went with me! AND he’s smiling!!

We had a really nice afternoon browsing through the quilts.  I’ve been to the Oklahoma Quilt Show but found out that a Machine Quilters Show is really much different than a “regular” quilt show. I went for ideas but found machine quilters are much more elaborate than I am – or ever will be!  But it was fascinating to see their beautiful art.

I easily could have – probably should have taken many more pictures. But I did take a few and will share some of them with you.

Probably the most fascinating quilts – and the ones that brought tears to my eyes were these:



These are 10 of Dr. Judy Elsley’s 11 journaling quilts that she created during her journey  coping with  breast cancer. I don’t remember ever seeing journaling quilts like these. She Hand-dyed the fabric and wrote on each one of them. They are amazing. Dr. Elsley is an English professor at Weber State University,  in Utah.

Some others in the show:

20140403_122509          20140403_124118


20140403_125715          20140403_130242

My small pictures don’t really do these beautiful quilts justice but remember this is a machine quilting show so the most interesting part was getting up close and seeing the amazing quilting done on them! - which really stood out on the all white quilts.




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