Friday, April 11, 2014

My Bible

I’ve mentioned “My Bible” many times in my blog. I’ve shown you pictures and have written about all of the notes I have  in this precious book.

My Bible              DSCN3426

Esther (2)

I have had this Bible since 1991. I’ve used it and worn it out. But, not to the point that I’m ready to replace it.  I love my notes and I love the way the leather cover is pliable.  I’m comfortable with this book.

Well, a few months ago, I decided for my “bucket list” – of which I had NONE, that I wanted to study – not just read but really study each book of the Bible. – Preferably in the Inductive Bible Study Method. Kay Arthur developed “Precept Upon Precept” which you can learn more about H.E.R.E. 

So, I ordered a new Inductive Study Bible….

Inductive Bible ESV (2)                  Inductive Bible ESV (3)

I have had it a couple of weeks and have started on my “bucket list.”  YAY!!!!    BUT…

I have a dilemma! I feel so loyal to my old Bible! It’s been hard for me to make a switch! I mentioned this on face book and got so many wonderful, funny, and encouraging comments!

I don’t feel inclined to carry both Bibles to Bible Study so believe I will continue using my “old” Bible for church, etc. and use the new one for my personal Bible Study.

As one dear friend mentioned, using a new Bible with no notes  may cause me to be  able to “hear” God more clearly as He teaches me new things.

Do you have a favorite Bible you are reluctant to give up?


  1. I'm very sentimental with my favorite Bible. I think it's my most prized possession!
    Have a great weekend!!

  2. I love my oldie as well but it is true that God speaks to us through scripture in each phase of our spiritual journey, shining new light on eternal truths that teach and encourage growth where we are now, as opposed to where we were twenty years ago. The notes and highlighting are great for reaffirming but new, clean pages do open you up to deeper teaching, now that we are in the age of range where gaining in spiritual wisdom is in the forefront. That said, there are a lot of memories and history in your older Bible and it is a tremendous comfort to your heart, I know. I agree with you: use them both.