Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Husband’s Projects

We love being retired! The husband has started some projects and is having a good time with them. I’m enjoying the benefits of his talent!

He started with a table he needed for his corner in the office.
Building corner table for office (2)

Corner Table for Office (3)

He also decided to make some solar lights for the back yard!

Solar Lights

He made me a GORGEOUS Valentine’s gift!

Book Randy made (2)

And today, while I was helping Michelle organize her craft room he made this:

2X4 Bench (2)
2X4 Bench (3)
2X4 Bench (4)
This project will be painted later.

I love that he is enjoying his retirement! – with the added bonus of lots of new stuff for the yard and house!!

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  1. Those are all beautiful! What a talented man. I absolutely love the folded hearts out of book pages. How clever. You lucky duck.