Monday, May 25, 2015

In Honor of My Husband, Randy

Randy Cohorn
08-05-1947  -  03-21-2015

My memories of this man are strong and intense.  I am so very grateful that I have only one regret in my life with him  and that is that we had so few years together.  

* He was the most handsome man I have ever met.
I loved his face. It had so much character. But more importantly it was kind and loving.

* He had a FABULOUS sense of humor.
Before we even met in person, we emailed for a few weeks. On February 25th, 2010 he said, 

2nd grade joke...
Question: What happened to the frog who broke down on the highway?
Answer: He got Toad away.
I get all my best stuff from second graders. First graders are cute but they're just not funny.


This is when I fell in love.

* He loved with every fiber of his being.
He loved God and never hesitated to let others see that love.

He loved me more than I have ever been loved.

He loved children!! He enjoyed them – even teens!! 

We had a large combined family and he loved them all. Toni’s family, My family, His family. At different times in his life he made room for so many different people and he took responsibility and worked hard to care for everyone and to make everyone happy! If I start listing them here I may run out of room. But he loved all of us.

He loved his friends. – Greatly. They have been so important to him in his life.

He loved his church. – He loved serving in his church. He never picked his ministry by what he enjoyed doing – he always picked his ministry by where he was needed most. THEN he greatly enjoyed it.

He loved our Life Group!

We had such a good time together! And he wanted to do things together – spend time together.  We always had things to do and we always enjoyed them. If it was going to Branson, estate sales, or watching Blue Bloods and playing “Words with Friends” (he always won when we played… – well most of the time.) We just always had fun.
I can’t cover all he meant to me. Too much.

But I am thinking of him today and of his patriotism and how he enjoyed these holidays.
He was a good man. I hope you knew him. If you did, I’m sure your life was changed a bit. If you didn’t, I hope and pray you meet someone in your lifetime that is as special as Randy is to all of us who did know him.