Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom 02-27-2013

Wednesday Wisdom or useless information!


Scuttlebutt is half rumor and half gossip! It was first heard when sailors gathered around a large butt or cask of water. This container was always placed close to a vessel's scuttle and when crew members went for a drink of water they would exchange the latest rumors with the other crew members. Much like the "water cooler" where employees gather to gossip talk.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Snow and Groceries

Last week we were prepared for the snow. I buy groceries once a week and had just gone on Monday.  The snow hit and we were prepared.

Sunday we were able to get out, go to church, and go to the grocery store and restock - for the storm that just started again!!

But - to get my pantry restocked - we had to fight crowds! The stores were full. More than at Christmas. It was amazing. But everyone was polite, no frenzy!

I heard from my brother-in-law Vince and his beautiful wife Debra later on Sunday. She, too, had made her trip to the store. (they live in OKC) Their storm was scheduled to hit today. Her store was busy like ours.

B.U.T. the customers were singing along with the piped in music!!! HOW FUN IS THAT???? It's like living in your own musical!!!

Anyway I said all of that to say this:

I wanna shop in Deb's store!!!!!



Saturday, February 23, 2013

Upon This Rock....

On a jaunt to a couple of out of town estate sales a few weeks ago, we decided to make a day of it and go on a photo shoot. Actually this wasn't a planned shoot but as we were leaving the estate sale we saw an old church in the neighborhood and I said, "Oh, look - stop and let me take a picture!" Which is what the husband hears a.l.o.t. since Christmas when he gave me a camera!!


 I have a soft spot in my heart for church bells.

This small church was the beginning of a fun day 
driving the back roads of Kansas!

Bethany Baptist Church, Rural Bentley


Mt Hope, Kansas

Mt Hope, Kansas

My Church Pictorial will be continued!
Many more to come!

"And I tell you that you are Peter, 
and on this rock I will build my church, 
and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." Matthew 16: 18

Enjoy worshiping in your church tomorrow!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Another FUN Snow Day! 2013

While the guys are staying busy:

The resident in the back is checking out the roof damage:

I've been in and out - taking pictures, heating up left-over chili for lunch, making bread bowls and potato soup for dinner and  baking:

It's a beautiful day!

I hope your day is going GREAT!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Snow 2013

This is one of those "snow storms" that has been beautiful. Steady falling of snow, no wind, just beautiful!  Of course - most of my time has been inside - looking out!

 Not so bad from the inside out.
I've enjoyed taking pictures yesterday and comparing them with today's!

Wonder how long it will take the daffodils to bloom?

No matter where you are,
 I hope you are enjoying your day as much as we are enjoying ours!


Monday, February 18, 2013

Kansas Wind

To you and I, it's just wind:

35 miles per hour. It's just wind. I'm from Oklahoma and this is just another day in the midwest.

BUT for my early residents in the village that we are landlords for - in the back yard - in the tree - it is a TORNADO!!

 We will be notifying FEMA for birds. 
I'm sure they will be out ASAP.


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Holly d'Ne Larsen Smith

On February 16, 1976 I gave birth to my second child. Holly d'Ne. She has always - from birth been her own person and an independent soul. When Holly was a child, I read books on strong willed children! I learned that a strong willed child needed to be "in charge" of something. Children usually have no say in what they eat, when they go to bed, their days are structured with school and family things. So, we gave her charge of her own room. I told her I wasn't going to fuss at her about cleaning her room anymore... no matter what... Now, on a need to know basis, I was strong willed, too. : )

The first few weeks, I just made sure her door was closed! It was a disaster. Then, when she came to the realization that I really wasn't going to say anything - she cleaned her room and the rest of her life at home with us, she always kept her room clean! (most of the time)  Lesson learned!

When she was in the second or third grade - I forgot which - at her parent-teacher conference, her teacher told us that she was a "take charge" person and she would either be a Preacher or a Politician... She always organized the students during recess!

She is a lot like her old Mom... She and I share the same sense of humor. We like many of the same books. We are both stubborn! My stubbornness came in handy because her personality is so much stronger than mine.

Holly and I share many memories of living in Jamaica. The boys were at school, her Dad was away when we experienced our first earthquake. That was very exciting! She was a good student while homeschooling. And a GREAT gin partner! In fact, she's the only person that has ever been willing to play gin with me - over and over.

When we moved back to the states, she joined the Navy! Our first in the military. She spent four long years in San Diego and presented me with my first grand!

I really enjoyed the next few years with Holly and Jack living in Ringwood. I got to babysit for Jack. Holly worked hard to support herself and Jack. It was during this time that she was diagnosed with Lupus. She has fought it hard and done her best.

You always want the very best for your child. You always want their lives to be good and peaceful, to be prosperous and happy.

Holly, you have not had an easy life. But, you are a strong woman. I've always admired your strength. Keep standing tall and keep on keeping on! You are loved!

Saturday, February 9, 2013


Sisters in Christ

I didn't have a biological sister. My brother married Cindy when my family was moving from ministry to ministry and I didn't get really acquainted right away. She has become my sister. 

I also have Minda Larsen Rodriguez, Karen Larsen Tonso, Debra Larsen - these women were my sisters-in-law and also have become my sisters. 

Beautiful women. All of them. Strong women. Women that have gone through trials and come through with the strength that only other women can recognize.

My sisters with the added benefit of also being my Sisters in Christ. What joy!

Then there are the women I've met along my life's journey. The Christian women that have become my sisters - just as these listed above. There is no way I can list them all. - too many. But as my mind goes through the check list of places I've lived, I picture sisters in Christ in each place. Beautiful, Godly women.

Ann Voskamp wrote a blog this week about "sisters." This blog is what took my mind in this direction. When thinking of sisters, one recalls many conversations. Many pleadings like she mentions in her blog 

The Sister Promise
 “ constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times…” 
Romans 1:9b-10a

"I will pray."


"Continuing to pray."

Promises we make to one another. Promises that can offer comfort. Promises that do make a difference. 

We have "Mary" sisters, we have "Martha" sisters. We need both. We yearn for sisters that we know are "praying" for us and for those that "do" for us. 

As sisters, we must stop judging one another.

Stop criticizing one another.

As sisters, we must love one another as God loves us.

As sisters, we must offer comfort to one another without offering platitudes.

We must be sincere with one another.

As sisters, we must laugh with one another. Cry with one another.

We must be kinder than necessary because behind that smile may be a hurting heart.

We must focus on praying for one another. 




Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm not sure when I first ran across this verse: Job 16:2b
".. miserable comforters are you all."
But I do know that it has meant different things to me at different times. Having gone through a season of grief, I could identify with this once in a while. Some giving comfort - don't always do it with pure motives. Some tend to offer advise rather than comfort. When this happens to us, how we respond will say much of our faith in Christ. - And to also be very thankful for those offering true comfort. Thank God for them.

This is a very good verse to remember when offering comfort. Be sure our motives are pure and to be sincere in our comforting. Let God lead us, guide us and often prayer is our best option for comforting. 

Everyone will need comforting at some time in their lives. 

Each of us has ample opportunities to offer comfort. 

I pray that Job's sentiments will not be said of me.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Enid's Mustache March

My son is the hairy one on the bottom left!!

The winning ambassador will determine which charity receives the proceeds from Moustache March.

The Moustache Ambassadors and their selected charities are:

• Enid Police Chief Brian O’Rourke — Miracle League.

• EPD Capt. Dean Grassino — Enid SPCA.

• Enid City Manager Eric Benson — Booker T. Washington Community Center.

• David McCoy — Woodring Wall of Honor.

• Frank Baker — Blazin’ Music Group.

• Robert Barron — Enid SPCA.

• Father Stephen Samples — Habitat for Humanity.

• Tim Larsen — YWCA Enid.

Supporters can donate by contacting one of the above ambassadors or their associated charity.

Of course I'm rooting for Tim Larsen - YWCA Enid!

I worked at NOC years ago and was so impressed with the Enid YWCA. They help women get a new start by helping them get an education or trade. You can learn more about their mission H.E.R.E. 

Check out my son's facebook page