Sunday, February 17, 2013

Holly d'Ne Larsen Smith

On February 16, 1976 I gave birth to my second child. Holly d'Ne. She has always - from birth been her own person and an independent soul. When Holly was a child, I read books on strong willed children! I learned that a strong willed child needed to be "in charge" of something. Children usually have no say in what they eat, when they go to bed, their days are structured with school and family things. So, we gave her charge of her own room. I told her I wasn't going to fuss at her about cleaning her room anymore... no matter what... Now, on a need to know basis, I was strong willed, too. : )

The first few weeks, I just made sure her door was closed! It was a disaster. Then, when she came to the realization that I really wasn't going to say anything - she cleaned her room and the rest of her life at home with us, she always kept her room clean! (most of the time)  Lesson learned!

When she was in the second or third grade - I forgot which - at her parent-teacher conference, her teacher told us that she was a "take charge" person and she would either be a Preacher or a Politician... She always organized the students during recess!

She is a lot like her old Mom... She and I share the same sense of humor. We like many of the same books. We are both stubborn! My stubbornness came in handy because her personality is so much stronger than mine.

Holly and I share many memories of living in Jamaica. The boys were at school, her Dad was away when we experienced our first earthquake. That was very exciting! She was a good student while homeschooling. And a GREAT gin partner! In fact, she's the only person that has ever been willing to play gin with me - over and over.

When we moved back to the states, she joined the Navy! Our first in the military. She spent four long years in San Diego and presented me with my first grand!

I really enjoyed the next few years with Holly and Jack living in Ringwood. I got to babysit for Jack. Holly worked hard to support herself and Jack. It was during this time that she was diagnosed with Lupus. She has fought it hard and done her best.

You always want the very best for your child. You always want their lives to be good and peaceful, to be prosperous and happy.

Holly, you have not had an easy life. But, you are a strong woman. I've always admired your strength. Keep standing tall and keep on keeping on! You are loved!


  1. Thank you. You're a great mom. I love you.


  2. OMGosh! Holly, I completely forgot beating the bed!!! That was a major point in our household!!! So Sorry!

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    1. @ Angelo Cardinal Fratelli my daughter did that herself at an evening called Painting and Sangria! She did a GREAT job. Such talent.