Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm not sure when I first ran across this verse: Job 16:2b
".. miserable comforters are you all."
But I do know that it has meant different things to me at different times. Having gone through a season of grief, I could identify with this once in a while. Some giving comfort - don't always do it with pure motives. Some tend to offer advise rather than comfort. When this happens to us, how we respond will say much of our faith in Christ. - And to also be very thankful for those offering true comfort. Thank God for them.

This is a very good verse to remember when offering comfort. Be sure our motives are pure and to be sincere in our comforting. Let God lead us, guide us and often prayer is our best option for comforting. 

Everyone will need comforting at some time in their lives. 

Each of us has ample opportunities to offer comfort. 

I pray that Job's sentiments will not be said of me.

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  1. The practice of giving comfort is very nuanced, almost like an art. Sometimes the person is honestly seeking advice and other times they wish for your empathy. The trick is knowing when to give advice that sometimes may be harsh, even though the person might become angry, because it might do them good. However this should always be done with kindness. Meanness gets you nowhere and indeed makes you a "miserable comforter" At other times, it is best to simply listen.