Thursday, November 12, 2015

Monday, November 9, 2015


I am on twitter. @BrendaCohorn


@matt, one of our Pastors, always tweets our Sunday morning services. I love the short descriptive sentences summing up sermon high lights. I enjoy it so much I sometimes join in! EXCEPT he does it so much better and f.a.s.t.e.r. than I possibly can. So I usually wind up “retweeting” his tweets!

The tweet sums up the section/subject or a thought in the sermon. The #hashtag sums up the tweet!

Then I have short sentences or phrases to help me remember what I’m hearing learning.

One of the added benefits of this method is that I have met some wonderful people  from my church through twitter!! With two services I need all the help I can get!

Some of my favorite #’s:  
(#’s have no spaces. sometimes it takes me a minute to figure them out!! – it’s an age thing!)





#notaboutme     followed by     #butthekingdomofGod



Twitter is not for everyone and everyone uses twitter differently. But for what I use it for – it’s right for me!


Thursday, November 5, 2015

Please Pray for My Pastor

It is absolutely no secret to you, my dear readers, how much my church means to me.

I moved here just over 4 years ago and when Randy passed away, many asked me if I would be going back to Oklahoma. My Dad is there. One of my son’s and his beautiful wife and 2 of the best grands on earth live there. My brother and his beautiful wife live there. 

My church is here. And they have all created their own lives in Oklahoma. So, I need to create mine. And doing that around my church seems the best for me.


We all know that The Church is not the building. (even though I love our church building.)

It’s the people! All the wonderful people that I go to church with. And the staff. I have had my share of different churches in many places and I can say that the staff at Cross Road is the best all around staff I have ever experienced.

Many churches have one personality that really stands out. Our staff melds together so well, it’s hard for me to imagine one without the other!

We have Linda, Doug and Kenny who work in the background and are the basis of the foundation.

Lathanyo  leads us in worship every Sunday. Inviting us to the Throne of God to Worship.

Audra works with early childhood and loves these young ones with a passion that is astounding.

Matt, one of my favorite people,  does such a great job with our youth.

Bob, affectionately known as PBob. Oh my goodness. What a wonderful job he does. It would take several people to fill his shoes!

Pastor Brad. This is the man that every week either holds me accountable, comforts me, or encourages me – sometimes he does all at one time! He breaks open God’s Word every week and speaks truth – he is the reason I’m writing this blog today, dear readers.

Pastor Brad, fortunately listened to his body and knew something wasn’t right, went to the ER and through a Heart Cath discovered he needed open heart surgery. THIS is why I’m writing, please keep Brad, his wife Robyn and their girls and grands in your prayers. His surgery will be Saturday and I want to ask each of you to pray with us for this man and for his medical team.

Thank you! God Bless.

Monday, November 2, 2015


Wouldn’t life be so much easier if this word was not around. Then we wouldn’t have to forgive those who hurt us. We wouldn’t have to ask for forgiveness from those we have hurt – which to me is often much harder than forgiving others…

I have made so many mistakes in my life.. Big ones. HUGE ones. But forgiveness is one that makes me stumble.

I can move along in my “Christian” walk – at a fairly quick pace. Then I run smack dab into the wall of forgiveness. In either giving it or asking for it.

I’ve been quite stubborn about this at times. – Okay, most of the time.

I have no easy answer for it – other than I just have to tell myself to do it AND THEN DO IT.  Yep, sometimes I have to tell myself on a daily basis to forgive. In asking, I often do it – then try to go back to my old habit of living as if I didn’t. I really am a hopeless mess at times.

I’ve had many people to forgive over my lifetime – 62 years of it. BUT I also have 62 years of having to ask for forgiveness. {sigh}

But I know I can do it – because I have God to help me. I am so very thankful He knows my heart and He helps me daily to forgive and He often reminds me when I need to ask for forgiveness.

You are right, dear readers, forgiving does not mean you go back into the same relationship you had before. Sometimes those relationships aren’t healthy. BUT sometimes you go into a better relationship than what you had! 

God does that for us!