Monday, November 9, 2015


I am on twitter. @BrendaCohorn


@matt, one of our Pastors, always tweets our Sunday morning services. I love the short descriptive sentences summing up sermon high lights. I enjoy it so much I sometimes join in! EXCEPT he does it so much better and f.a.s.t.e.r. than I possibly can. So I usually wind up “retweeting” his tweets!

The tweet sums up the section/subject or a thought in the sermon. The #hashtag sums up the tweet!

Then I have short sentences or phrases to help me remember what I’m hearing learning.

One of the added benefits of this method is that I have met some wonderful people  from my church through twitter!! With two services I need all the help I can get!

Some of my favorite #’s:  
(#’s have no spaces. sometimes it takes me a minute to figure them out!! – it’s an age thing!)





#notaboutme     followed by     #butthekingdomofGod



Twitter is not for everyone and everyone uses twitter differently. But for what I use it for – it’s right for me!


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