Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Comic Sans

I keep reading that to be taken seriously as a blogger you should never use Comic Sans Font. Unless, of course you are a middle school girl. 

Well, I like Comic Sans Font. So I will continue to use it. So I guess you shouldn’t take me seriously…

Visiting My Mom

Today I went to Oklahoma to see my Dad. It’s been one year today since my Mom died.

Dad and I spent time visiting, eating his favorite – Braum’s and watching two episodes of Gunsmoke and one of Bonanza – But we mostly talked during Bonanza so I have no idea what it was about!!

My Dad and I talk much more now that my Mom is gone. Not sure why. But I’m thankful for it.

Then I went to the cemetery to take some flowers and visit my Mom.

I spent some time talking to her about what my life has been like without Randy. Things I’ve been doing. Decisions I’ve made. I could hear her voice in my head several times saying, “Oh, you don’t want to do that.” – I have outgrown it some but usually when I hear her say that I am determined to do what she has told me I don’t want to do….. As I said, I have outgrown that some.

Mom never said too many positive things too me so when I do feel like I’ve done a good job or made a right decision, I don’t hear her voice at all.

I hope and pray when I’m gone, my children hear me say “I’m proud of you. You have done and are doing a great job.”

Friday, September 4, 2015

Your Super Power!

My Oklahoma friend Debra asked on her blog the other day “What is your super power – your passion?” You can read her blog post H.e.r.e.

She said her super power is reading and love.

What is my passion?

She caused me to take some time to think about this. Of course the first things that came to my mind are probably the parts of my life that I am most passionate about.

A few years ago, I probably would have said reading. But over the last few years mine has changed a bit.

Prayer is a super power that I love.

I mentioned to Debra that kindness was one of my super powers. But then I realized some people may question that!!

But my real passion? Teaching Bible Studies. Hosting Life Group. I gained my love for Life Group Ministry from my husband and it is still in my heart.

What are you passionate about?

Let me know! Tell me your super power!