Monday, July 10, 2017

Office Redo–Before and After

This is where I have done my Bible Study and my journaling for the last 2 years. – On my dining table. And so most days it looks like this:

Dining Table as Desk

Well, I needed to do something about this mess. So I decided to redo my office.

I’m pleased with the end results:

(don’t expect a neat area! But it’s neat to me!!!)

Office before 3       office after 1
                 Before                                       After
Yes, there is a desk under all
that “stuff.”

Office before 4      office after 2
                Before                                          After

Office before      office after 3
               Before                                          After

Office before 2      office after
                   Before                                      After

As you can see, I had so much furniture and craft bins – It was too crowded. I had my desk, Randy’s desk, the table he built for our printer, 2 craft bins, 2 storage cabinets, a wash stand and 2 filing cabinets.

I was able to consolidate to 2 sets of shelves, a desk – made from a door, I used the filing cabinets and table Randy made to set it on. The 2 storage cabinets and the wash stand.

I put all my craft supplies on one set of shelves, Bible Study on the other set and bill information on the wall.

I had to buy the door and the shelves. I got a bargain on the door at Lowe’s – $2.66. I used varnish I already had to refinish it. The shelves were $25 each.

door before varnish          office after
     Before varnish                     After 4 coats of varnish

I am looking forward to making messes in here rather than on the dining room table!

OH – an unplanned bonus!

tv from office
I can see the TV from my desk!!

This was my 4th of July week project and I had so much fun doing it! I even went through all of my files and discarded and combined! I feel so accomplished!

Now – excuse me while I go make a mess!