Monday, May 30, 2011


I have always been amazed at the number of churches I see while driving around neighborhoods or even in small towns.  We have a smorgasbord of denominations. Buildings from the very smallest to huge buildings that offer several services each week because there isn't room to hold only one service.  

Churches change with the times. When I was young every church (except churches that believe in no instruments) would have a piano. The larger churches would have organs, too.
And all had hymnals. Now most many churches have worship teams with all types of musical instruments. Some even have orchestras. We are offered the words to the songs on screens at the front of the auditorium or sanctuary.

Churches offer programs for every age group, for many interests. There are a plethora of Bible Colleges, Christian Colleges, Seminarys to provide training for church "workers." Ministers, Pastors, Preachers, Church Administrators, Missionaries and many attend a Christian College just for the wonderful Bible teaching they obtain.

If I would take a poll and ask everyone I know to give me a definition of church - I know I would get many different answers. Most would be correct, but none probably complete. I can't give you a complete picture of The Church in my simple blog.

But when it all comes down to it - the teaching - the training - the lifelong friendships - the fun - the fellowship - it all comes down to this:

The Church Being The Church
(picture borrowed from Brittany Bolt)

Loving one another in the name of Jesus


Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To Get Leverage.....

Well, friends, this really isn't an instructional blog.
BUT - I will tell you how to get leverage while hanging blinds. 

Let me start at the beginning.
This is a picture of who I affectionately refer to as my "yard boy".
He does a great job and the yard is gorgeous...

Another view... 
Out of respect for my yard boy, I left out the picture of him bending over... 
Which is my personal favorite.

He stays busy keeping this yard looking  - as I said before gorgeous. 
With plans to add some more flowers. We're working on that now.

Well, he has also been busy inside the house. 
We've had a few things to get done and today we had three new blinds to hang.

Here he has changed hats from "yard boy" to "handyman".

Notice the step stool.
It works great for reaching the top of the french doors but the steps are very narrow.
So, when it came time to get the screw into the hard wood, he couldn't get any leverage. 
Soooo, we came up with a great idea. 
All I had to do - besides handing him stuff - was to provide the leverage.

I pushed on his butt for much needed leverage. 

Man, I love my job. :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kansas Underground Salt Museum

Keaton, me and Andru at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum 

We visited the Kansas Underground Salt Museum today. It was a great outing. It takes about 2 hours - 650 feet underground!  I've been in many caves on vacations throughout my life and I'm not really a "cave" fan so wasn't really too excited about this but once I got there I was more than pleasantly surprised and I really enjoyed it. It was nothing like the caves I've been in. No dampness, no musty odor and lots of space so you don't ever feel closed in.

Here is the website for more information on one of the 8th wonders of Kansas!!

Keaton and Andru reading up on the mine.   

Taking one of the train rides in the cave.
We had to wear helmets. - 
OOPS, Randy just pointed out to me they are Hard Hats!!

Picking out a piece of salt to bring home.
My miner!

I enjoyed seeing how the miners work in this salt mine but the most fascinating to me was the underground vaults and storage that are in this mine to store important documents, movies and things you would never imagine.

There is a great underground museum.  Learned that anything that goes down in the mine, stays in the mine. We saw an area with "trash" from 1953 that had been left there. Do you remember the cone cups that we used to get a drink of water in the '50's and '60's? Hundreds of those in this trash area.

I asked Andru to describe the salt mines he said "cool" and "awesome". He liked the train ride and the dark ride the best. 

Randy loves history and so he appreciated the history of the salt mine, the history of salt and the three main salt companies.

Keaton's gone home so I can't ask him what his favorite part was.  :)

We finished the day eating a DELICIOUS meal in Yoder at Carriage Crossing. 
The best strawberry pie I have ever had!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Did I sign on for this?

I asked Randy tonight if having three 12 year old boys here for the night was in my contract - he said yes and that I had signed it. I guess it was in the small print!!  :) 

I love being a Mom! I always loved having my kids around and their friends. So having Andru (the cute one on the right) around has been a blessing! I have enjoyed it. I would sign a contract that includes him if there was one!  BUT...

Having the three guys here - with rain outside, loud thunder and threats of tornadoes - only proves to me that boys can "scream" as loud as girls!!! and as shrill! (sorry guys - but you know it's true!!)

So - bring on the contract, I'll be glad to sign it! These guys are FUN!!!  (but don't ask me about this at 2:00 in the morning!)