Saturday, May 28, 2011

How To Get Leverage.....

Well, friends, this really isn't an instructional blog.
BUT - I will tell you how to get leverage while hanging blinds. 

Let me start at the beginning.
This is a picture of who I affectionately refer to as my "yard boy".
He does a great job and the yard is gorgeous...

Another view... 
Out of respect for my yard boy, I left out the picture of him bending over... 
Which is my personal favorite.

He stays busy keeping this yard looking  - as I said before gorgeous. 
With plans to add some more flowers. We're working on that now.

Well, he has also been busy inside the house. 
We've had a few things to get done and today we had three new blinds to hang.

Here he has changed hats from "yard boy" to "handyman".

Notice the step stool.
It works great for reaching the top of the french doors but the steps are very narrow.
So, when it came time to get the screw into the hard wood, he couldn't get any leverage. 
Soooo, we came up with a great idea. 
All I had to do - besides handing him stuff - was to provide the leverage.

I pushed on his butt for much needed leverage. 

Man, I love my job. :)

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  1. Brenda, Brenda, are soooooooo funny. Love ya! Glad you're having fun with the yard man.