Saturday, February 9, 2013


Sisters in Christ

I didn't have a biological sister. My brother married Cindy when my family was moving from ministry to ministry and I didn't get really acquainted right away. She has become my sister. 

I also have Minda Larsen Rodriguez, Karen Larsen Tonso, Debra Larsen - these women were my sisters-in-law and also have become my sisters. 

Beautiful women. All of them. Strong women. Women that have gone through trials and come through with the strength that only other women can recognize.

My sisters with the added benefit of also being my Sisters in Christ. What joy!

Then there are the women I've met along my life's journey. The Christian women that have become my sisters - just as these listed above. There is no way I can list them all. - too many. But as my mind goes through the check list of places I've lived, I picture sisters in Christ in each place. Beautiful, Godly women.

Ann Voskamp wrote a blog this week about "sisters." This blog is what took my mind in this direction. When thinking of sisters, one recalls many conversations. Many pleadings like she mentions in her blog 

The Sister Promise
 “ constantly I remember you in my prayers at all times…” 
Romans 1:9b-10a

"I will pray."


"Continuing to pray."

Promises we make to one another. Promises that can offer comfort. Promises that do make a difference. 

We have "Mary" sisters, we have "Martha" sisters. We need both. We yearn for sisters that we know are "praying" for us and for those that "do" for us. 

As sisters, we must stop judging one another.

Stop criticizing one another.

As sisters, we must love one another as God loves us.

As sisters, we must offer comfort to one another without offering platitudes.

We must be sincere with one another.

As sisters, we must laugh with one another. Cry with one another.

We must be kinder than necessary because behind that smile may be a hurting heart.

We must focus on praying for one another. 




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  1. So true. The intricately connected sisterhood of women in the world is a marvelous and powerful thing. I think men sometimes snicker at our 'girlfriends' and our need for and connection with them but they don't understand what it means and how important it is to a woman, a wife, a mother, to have other women standing beside her. Men do not really understand women, and vice versa, but we understand the needs and hurts and hopes of other women, intimately. Thanks for this post.