Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Turkey’s at Life Group!!

We host a Life Group in our home every week! We love the concept of small groups. The idea of fulfilling the great commission through small groups. - Through fellowship, discipleship, ministry, evangelism, and worship.

We have 12 members in our group – which pretty much fills up our living room!

Last week, we were just beginning the lesson when Judy spoke up and said, “There is a turkey on your porch!”

Well, we have a small front porch:

DSCN0633 - Copy

      It’s 7 feet wide.


We all got up to see – and sure enough there was a turkey – I’m sure he was wanting to join us for our study of “The Story.”

Wildlife in yard (1)
 By the time I got my camera and got back to the front door, our guest was taking off. Apparently, after seeing our group, he decided it wasn’t something he wanted to be involved with.

Wildlife in yard (2)


            “Get me outta here!”

It was an exciting moment for us as we headed back to our study!

Who or “what” is the most exciting guest 
you have welcomed to your home?


  1. Well...I would say the most exciting guests were the family of skunks that lived in our attic the winter of the great ice storm, but we did not welcome them. They may have broken all of us in fact. We used to have a turkey and he would walk around the house peeking into the windows. I think that is where the name 'peeping tom' came from. Turkeys are very curious and like people.

  2. Turkeys I don't mind! Skunks, I do. I had one under the house at Ringwood.... My clothes carried a scent for a long while!