Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hobbies. Crafts. Art. - whatever

I used to quilt. Some. Not much and not well. I made the grands quilts. Here are some of them. 

 I think this is Tim's. Or it may be Jonathan's.
not sure.




- anyway, you get the picture.

Well, I wanted to try a new hobby. Or craft. Or Art. Or - whatever.

So - I tried Media Art. Still learning. Still need to practice. But sure having fun!

 you are the bee's knees

 Be strong and courageous

Some of the details on the Kansas canvas:

 KANSAS - the land of Oz where I met my wonderful wizard.

the petals: loves me, loves me not, loves me

Lot's to learn.


Great therapy!

The person that first got me interested in this art is Jan Reckers at

She is very good and her art is for sale! Take a look at what a good artist can do! And if you need a gift - she has some great stuff available. I gave her art for  Christmas gifts!

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