Monday, June 26, 2017

Part 2: Pray Every Day

I want to say that there is no right or wrong way to set up a prayer journal. Set your journal up with the areas that pertain to your life and meet your specific needs. I have been using this set-up for about a month now and there are a few things I am going to tweak to get it more usable for me. But I do want to say that I am more consistent in my prayer life using this journal. - it's not so hit or miss.  And, since I have taken the time to decorate it a bit – I’m always excited about opening it to pray. – because it is pleasing to my eye. 

So make a journal that is pleasant for you to open and enjoy your time with God.

The first half of my Prayer Journal is for daily prayers.

Prayer Journal 2
None of the pictures I’ve posted give any “personal” information!

1. I begin with worship.

Quote and Verse 2           Psalm 19 2

Names of God 2

Song Sweet Spirit 2     Song Oceans 2
I have Bible Verses, quotes, The Names of God, The Names of Jesus, Songs and I add anything that helps me with my worship time.

2. My next section is “Me.” The reason I have “me” here at the beginning is to confess – ask for forgiveness  before I get further into my prayer time.

Quotes on Me 2    Gratitude 2   Song Create in Me 2

I have quotes that remind me of what type of person I want to be, then I have a Gratitude page that reminds me of 4 areas I need for thankfulness.  I have several blank pages after gratitude so I can actually list what I am grateful for. Then I have several pages of verses for me to pray for myself – including verses on attitude, my tongue, my thoughts, etc. I have the song "Cleanse Me"  that I also use in my confession time.

 A few years ago Pastor Brad did a series on “Church Membership.” This series really made me realize and understand my responsibility to My Church. So I added some pages in my Prayer Journal listing my responsibilities. I take this very seriously and pray about my Church Attitude and Actions every day.

Many people use this 3rd section for husband or marriage. Since I’m a widow I jump right to family.

3. Family. I have each child and grandchild listed. I have one prayer I have written out that I pray for them collectively. And then I have pages for specific prayer requests for them.

Since I don’t have a husband or marriage for one of my sections I have -

4. My Thursday morning Bible Study Ladies -  My Covenant Sisters.

covenant sisters 2

generation of women 2     sister quotes

bible verse sisters 2

I have quotes about sisters and strong Christian Women. I have many verses in this section that I pray for these women. And I have some blank pages for specific requests for them.

5. My Life Group. This section is set up very similar to the Covenant Sister section. Bible verses and blank pages.

This is the end of the first half of my prayer journal.

Separating the front section and back section of my Journal is my WOW area.

WOW 2      Pocket 2

This is where I list prayer requests. I do want to change this to all prayer requests and not just the prayer chain from my Church.

I also have a pocket page in this section to stick requests that others write out and hand me or I print off of an email.

I have areas by each request to write if/when an answer is reported to me.

This is the first half of my journal. It’s not as overwhelming as it may seem. Very easy. I took my time to set it up but it could be set up quickly.

1. Worship
2. Me
3. Family  (Marriage)
4. Covenant Sisters (Husband)
5. Life Group
WOW – Prayer requests and praises.

I would love to hear from you – do you have a better idea than I’ve presented?
Have you set up a prayer journal since reading this?
Do you have any questions?

Section 2 of my prayer journal will be in the next blog.

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