Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Prayer Journal

Two and a half years ago I began Bible Journaling. I shared about that H.E.R.E. That was the beginning of my journey. 

Well, this summer I am not teaching and have some spare time so I wanted to grow in a Spiritual area so I chose Prayer. I had been keeping lists of requests in a spiral notebook.

Prayer Journal 5

I decided I wanted to go into prayer deeper and in a more organized manner. So after reading Stone Soup For Five's Blog on “4 Steps to Create Your Personal Prayer Binder” and watching Gina Garland on you tube I was ready to go!

I had purchased one of Illustrated Faith's Praise Book quite some time ago but hadn’t done anything with it except I had made one page into a missionary page.

But – I wanted to use a verse I had picked for the front of the notebook. So I took the pages out of the Praise Book – because I love them!! and gave the praise 3-ring binder to a friend who was wanting to start her own prayer binder. Then I chose a 3-ring binder that has the pocket on the front so I could add my own cover.

My Bible Study Group had just finished a short study on the Tabernacle and I wanted to use Psalm 141:2 for the cover.

Prayer Journal 4
“May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice.” Psalm 141:2

The first page in my binder came from this book:

The Hour that changes the world    
                         Prayer Journal 3

My first 5 sections I pray daily:

Prayer Journal 2    
     First is Worship.

     Second, me.

     Third, my immediate family.

     Fourth, my Bible Study Ladies.

     Fifth, my Life Group. 

Since I am widowed, I don’t have a section for Husband and Marriage. That’s why I added my Covenant Sisters and Life Group here. (I will break these sections down more in my next blog.)

Then I have the section in the middle for general Prayer Requests.

Prayer requests

The second half of my Prayer Notebook is divided by the days of the week.

On Monday I pray for Christian’s I don’t know and for the salvation of the lost.

Tuesday’s I pray for my family – My Dad, Brother and his family, My close Christian friends, Aunts, etc.

Wednesday I set aside to pray for the Leaders of my Church.

Thursday’s I pray for Missionaries.

Friday’s I pray for our government, Jerusalem and world issues.

There is no right or wrong way to set up a prayer journal/notebook. Everyone has their own heart tugs.

I will go into each section in more detail in upcoming blogs.

I hope this will encourage you to become more intentional in your prayer life.

The other book I have for prayer is:

by Priscilla Shirer

I highly recommend both books mentioned in this post.

Be sure and share with me your journey in prayer!

Have a Blessed week!

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