Thursday, November 14, 2013

13 On Thursday

Leaving Kansas (1)

1. On the way to the farm, I stopped at Atwoods to pick up some candy for A and for Randy. I wandered through the toy aisles. Toys at Atwoods are the same as years ago, but different! My Mom always made sure my boys had John Deere Tractors when they were young. – the toy ones. : )  So I was fascinated with what I saw on that aisle.


20131113_105551     20131113_105556

2. Which brings me to this – If you have children to buy toys for, you really should check out Atwoods. They have great – quality toys.



These are only a few of their toys. They have many more. For boys and girls!

3. When I get to the farm I’m always greeted – usually halfheartedly by these:


4. Much more enthusiastically by Buddy:


5. Winter has arrived. Cold temperatures. When I got to the farm Mom said she wasn’t sure I would come since it was so cold! Which was sweet but I’d be spending a lot of time at home in the house if I stayed inside because of cold weather. She agreed! I also explained that I really enjoy the brisk weather.

6. Did you know that Gunsmoke ran for 20 years. 1955-1975.

7. Marshall Dillon killed 240 people in those 20 years. 12 men per season.

8. Miss Kitty died at 60 – in real life. She had been married 4 times. She lead a quiet life and wasn’t promiscuous but died of Aids. At one point in her life she was down and out. A good friend of many years married her to help her out financially. They were married less than a year. He was well known for being a homosexual and he died of aids years before she did. It is assumed she contacted aids from him.

9. My brother is in Texas getting some training for his job.

10. Every farmer has an equipment grave yard. – At least every farmer I know!


11. Ringwood District passed their Bond for improvements to be made at the school. They won’t have to  raise the taxes for this.  I’m glad to see they are going to be able to make some much needed improvements on the school.

12. I always enjoy reading the Enid Paper and the Fairview Paper while I’m at the farm. There are always interesting articles to read.

13. As I was leaving the farm I saw some wild turkeys in Dad and Mom’s front yard:


Entering Kansas (1)
And as always, I’m so very glad to be home.

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