Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Day in the Yard

Our weekend weather was unbelievably GORGEOUS!! So we started “early” Saturday morning! – early for me. It was actually about 9:00. : )


I thought it would be nice to have a fire burning while we worked.

It smelled so good!

and half way through the afternoon A. roasted himself some marshmallows!

DSCN4168             DSCN4165

We had 3 flats of pansies to plant and 8 ornamental Kale. The husband dug the holes for the kale and I planted them. Then he started the mowing. I started planting the pansies.


He mowed the front yard. Then he mowed the back yard. I continued to plant pansies.

He cleaned off our potting bench. Stored winter items and put things away. I continued to plant pansies.

He went to Sonic and brought home lunch.


I stopped planting long enough to eat. Then went back to planting pansies.


He built some shelves on the south end of the house for our plants to have a green house effect this winter – once they are covered with plastic.

DSCN4199         DSCN4202

I continued to plant pansies.

FINALLY at 3:00 I finished with the pansies. It's not that I'm slow or anything! Enjoyed myself by the fire while the husband fertilized all the plants.

DSCN4244      DSCN4245

DSCN4220       DSCN4222

We finished the day with the husband grilling and me relaxing!!


Sunday I said to the husband – please, next year if I mention 3 flats of pansies, tell me that’s too many… please.

The husband said, “I was thinking of getting 4 or 5 flats next year!!”


  1. Everything looks gorgeous! You have inspired me to go to town and buy some pansies....maybe one flat. Only one flat. (Keep repeating that, Deb.) 1.

  2. BE SMART... BE WISE... Only ONE flat!!! trust me on this one, Deb! Happy Birthday!!