Thursday, October 3, 2013

Yard Fall Project–Reveal!

After working at a moderate pace for several days – we finished the back yard. - Except for the plants but all the prep work is done. Bulbs will be planted this month then the rest will be planted next spring. We are going to plant in the ground and in containers. We have so much area to work with we decided to have fun with it! So in the pictures you will see empty planters and other “fun” things we will be working with and around.

          DSCN3875     DSCN3876

         DSCN3934     DSCN3935
We expanded this hosta bed.

            DSCN3930      DSCN3929
We added flagstone on the slope by the playhouse.

             DSCN3932      DSCN3933
This is about it for the lawn mowing on this side.

                  DSCN3921          DSCN3924
This is the only mowing on the other side of the yard.

         DSCN3936        DSCN3937
I took these 2 pictures from  the deck.

We spend lots of time on our deck and in our back yard. We wanted to leave enough grass for cart wheels. – not ours but the grand girls!! 

We love flowers. So we are very excited to get our space filled. I gave up vegetable gardening when I left the country for the big city! So, other than a few herbs we won't plant vegetables.

We still have room for grand's to play, we have plenty of space to enjoy flowers, plus we have lots of deck space for cook outs and to enjoy being outside.

Tomorrow I will share about all of our yard and fence art and where we get it.

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