Friday, October 11, 2013

The Husband and Pinterest

A few weeks ago, one of our daughters, Michelle, told her Dad that she needed him to make her some things out of the pallets we had around here.

So, she started pinning things to a board on Pinterest called “My Dad Can Make Anything.” He didn’t want to use my computer every time he wanted to look at this board so he created his own Pinterest account! (which I tease him about every time I get an opportunity!) He has spent several days now building Michelle the things she needs for her creative outlet!

   DSCN3992          DSCN3991

Now she can create what she wants on these wooden canvas’!

The husband loves to work with his hands. He loves to have a project going and he spends time building, rebuilding, creating. I love this about him. It’s never a do or die project. He always takes his time and enjoys himself.

While building these he took time out to “feed” the plants!

DSCN3993       DSCN3994

He doesn’t let himself get bored with retirement. He stays busy and content.

He’s a good man and he loves his family.

I am so very very blessed.

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