Friday, October 4, 2013

Yard Art–Fence Art

Because we buy our inventory at yard sales and estate sales, we get to travel all over the city – weekly! So we get some GREAT ideas for yards and  houses. We also see many things that we know we DO NOT like!! But we have a great time.

We get the ideas, then as we are looking for books we also look for items we think we might like in the yard. The husband picks up bird houses and shepherds hooks when he sees those.

Here is a sampling of our Fence Art:

          DSCN3903            DSCN3914

                         DSCN3917                  DSCN3919


As you can tell, anything can be Fence Art. The frame that is rusting, the wall décor, or if you really like shabby chic – an old screen door or screen window.

A sampling of our yard art:

         DSCN3897         DSCN3898
                       A Plow                                                A shelf with birdhouses

           DSCN3899            DSCN3904
         A pot to plant flowers and a birdcage for ?                 A Rooster for a planter.

                             DSCN3905   DSCN3906 
                                   Jeremiah the bullfrog.                      A birdhouse – hiding.

                              DSCN3908   DSCN3910 
                                                Fish.                                        Pots for plants.

                                                   Potting table filled with bird houses!

              DSCN3912        DSCN3896
                       The swing that I LOVE!!!                          Two Rocking chairs with table.

All of these things we’ve purchased at yard sales or estate sales. If it’s not cheap – we don’t buy it! With cans of paint and a little elbow grease anything (almost) can look good.

I really thought I would be adding a picture of an old pump. We saw one this morning at an estate sale but decided to “wait.” We thought about it during the day and went back  but it had already sold! Sometimes that’s the way it goes!

One person’s junk is another’s treasure!

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