Thursday, October 17, 2013

13 on Thursdays

My friend, Debra at Prairie Songs does a post on Tuesdays called "Ten on Tuesdays." She publishes ten things that have happened that day or recently or random thoughts she has been having. I've always thought it would be fun to join her on Tuesdays but I have never taken the time to do it.

Every other Wednesday, I go to Oklahoma to visit my parents. At one time I intended to post about my trips to Oklahoma but ... well, just never know what to say because we just do what parents and adult children do.

On my way to Oklahoma, I had the idea of taking Deb's idea from Tuesdays, doing it on Thursdays and talking about my trips to Oklahoma. But I need a clever name - Deb has "Ten on Tuesdays" "Ten on Thursdays" just doesn't have the same ring so I decided on "13 on Thursdays!" Okay, I realize it's not very creative but I just got home from Oklahoma and I'm tired!

13 on Thursdays

1. One thing I always notice on my trip is that Kansas always tells me when I'm leaving her. Then once I enter Oklahoma I always wonder why her sign is shot up and the Kansas signs aren't...

I mean, really. Is it Kansan's shooting the Oklahoma sign out of - what - spite? or is it Oklahoman's shooting it out of - what - ignorance of respect? I always wonder this as I pass these two signs.

2. This trip I saw 3 dead deer beside the roads. Uh oh. Someone's vehicle is smashed. Been there, done that... But this trip I noticed one of the deer had been beheaded. Which means it was sporting a big rack and someone wants to show it off. (even though this is illegal) However, isn't the whole idea of hanging a deer head on your wall to show off your hunting skills? I would think it would defeat your purpose if when someone asked you where you "hunted" that big rack you had to answer "well, I chased it with my truck for 3 miles before I could run it down."
- Just wondering again....

Which leads me to #3

3. I've always liked quiet when I drive alone. Very seldom do I listen to the radio or anything. I think this is a "side effect" from having 4 kids. Well, I've noticed when I travel to Oklahoma, I'm always wondering about things - you know, like the signs, the reasons someone would WANT a deer head they hit with their car, etc but also, the memories pour in. Not always the good ones. That can get so tiring. It could also get so depressing but I won't let it. So when this starts I  start playing "Music Man" in the DVD player. NO... I don't watch it, I am driving after all. The DVD player is in the back of the van. BUT I love the music (plus I have most of the lines memorized...) So I put it in the player and SING along with Robert Preston, Shirley Jones and The Buffalo Bills! I have such a good time!! (I can't carry a tune in a bucket so be thankful I'm in a closed vehicle!!)

4. Every time I pass the log house (it's too big to be a cabin) their black dog greets me and runs down the road with me to the corner where I turn. I always talk to him. I don't want him to get too close to my tires. Farm dogs do this. I wonder why? Is it because I'm driving down HIS road? 

5. Mom and Dad always like for me to bring lunch. Mom likes hamburgers, Dad likes chicken. So I try to trade back and forth between them. More often than not, Mom will say - when I bring chicken - "Oh, you brought chicken." It's not a question. She's just making a statement. (my favorite is chicken!!)

6. After eating lunch, we always go into the living room and Dad turns the tv to Gunsmoke. We watch 2 episodes of Gunsmoke, 1 of Bonanza and Inside Edition and then Jeopardy! My brother and I always joke that we really enjoy "bonding" with the folks!!

And that leads to #7

7. There is a depression on Bonanza. People are out of work, no food, they are rustling cattle - But it's not effecting the Ponderosa... Which makes me wonder, do you suppose Ben Cartwight took Dave Ramsey's course on how to manage his money? Or is he like Joseph and had a dream where God showed him to "store" up his crops in preparation of this depression? Just wondering.

8. When Dad brings in the mail he always gives Mom the newspaper first and when she finishes it she gives it back to Dad. I've noticed - since she broke her hip- that he shows respect to her often in these small ways. This is very sweet to me.

9. When Bonanza is over, Mom looks at her watch and then looks at Dad and he switches the channel to Inside Edition. Neither of them says anything, they just work together - as if they've done it for years! :) This too, is sweet to me.

10. My Mom started smoking when she was around 20. - give or take 2 or 3 years. She stopped smoking when she broke her hip in December. That's over 50 years of constant smoking. Now, I listen to her cough. Please - if you smoke - do whatever it takes to stop now. It's not worth it. 

11. I love my Dad and Mom. I know I'm not any different than anyone else but it is hard to watch parents age. The decisions that may need to be made. I  just pray.

12. As I left the farm, I noticed the man across the road still has watermelon in his watermelon patch.

13. Ahhh. Home. Another Wednesday over. Another trip to the farm. Time with my Dad and Mom. Sometimes, I dread going. No special reason. I'm a home body and this is a full day away from my favorite place. But as I leave Wichita and head south, I start looking forward to spending time with them. I enjoy eating with them, sharing news of Ringwood and news about my kids and grands. I enjoy watching tv with them. I'm so very thankful I have the opportunity to spend time with them on a regular basis. 

Then I click my heels and I'm back in Kansas.

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  1. This is so sweet. I loved it. I am also in the blog challenge. I have been writing every day pretty much but not going out and saying that I have, which kinda defeats the purpose. This is so sweet. I love the comments about your parents. My dad was visiting me (from PA to MN) this weekend and it was so wonderful. I had read another post on someone's blog about interviewing grandparents and parents and so I did that. I turned on my Evernote recorder and let my dad talk about his childhood, his parents, cousins, siblings, etc. It was really great. He left on Tuesday and I just cried because it makes me sad that he is so far away. Good luck with the challenge. Nice to meet you.