Monday, October 14, 2013

Scenic Landscapes – A Favorite Place!

One of my favorite places to visit here in Wichita is Scenic Landscapes. It is peaceful, beautiful, fun and  we get some FABULOUS ideas! Last Friday, after sale-ing and after purchasing ornamental kale and pansies for our yard we made a stop at Scenic Landscapes. Good Times!!

I want to share some of their beauty with you.

DSCN4046           DSCN4047
Many water features.

DSCN4051  DSCN4081
                                Many Fish!                                                 Hoop House


DSCN4075     DSCN4069
Unusual Gates!!                                                 Archways

          Momma and babies                                                                                    Peacocks

DSCN4091          DSCN4107
Beautiful small buildings.

DSCN4095          DSCN4129
Creative ways to display plants.

A Momma turkey that was determined to keep us away from her babies!!
She was loud and serious about protecting them!! 
(they actually looked like teenagers rather than babies!)

DSCN4112       DSCN4131
            An interesting bench made of tools                          Water  Plants

         DSCN4118    DSCN4136
             Plants, flowers, butterflies and on and on with the beautiful gardens.  

DSCN4139           DSCN4148

      DSCN4150        DSCN4160

We like this pot and would like to make a water feature out of it for our yard…

I love to stop in at Scenic Landscapes at least once per season. We always enjoy walking around and looking at all of their fabulous ideas.

You can find them at 5911 W. Maple, Wichita, KS.


Check them out on the web H.E.R.E.

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