Thursday, October 31, 2013

13 on Thursday

             Leaving Kansas (2)
1.  This trip to Oklahoma was nice because I had a “guest” rider! My friend Ellen rode along with me to visit her Dad in Enid. I will say, the trip went F.A.S.T!! Lot’s of talking! – no Music Man! So I did miss out on my “sing along” but that’s okay!

2. My parent’s were doing well and that is always a relief. I do wish they would let my brother and I get them someone to help with house keeping. They don’t want us to help and they won’t hire someone and they are getting to where it’s not up to the standard I wish they had.

3. My Dad has cut down tremendously on his wheat farming. But he still plants a small amount and he finished planting the wheat earlier this week. And he is very pleased about that. He is praying for rain. It seems as if the rains always miss their part of the woods.

4. The are getting siding on their garage and that looks nice. I’m glad to see they are making some improvements. It seems as if you blink and years have passed and things get run down. Where does the time go?


5.  While watching Gunsmoke with them, my brother and I sent texts back and forth. He asked me to name the characters of Gunsmoke, which I did. Kitty, Marshall Dillon, Chester, Festus, Thad, Doc and I said Clint but learned later it is Quint. I think he was impressed! Then he asked me When Gunsmoke started – well, Randy and I had just talked about this a couple of weeks ago and so I even knew the answer to that! 1955.

6. It’s been a year since my Mom broke her hip and she is doing much better than I thought she would be. Very thankful for that.

7. Steve, my parent’s minister, had been visiting earlier in the week. My dad really enjoys having him come by. I appreciate him visiting with them because they aren’t able to attend services anymore.

8. I had intended on asking my parent’s some “interview” questions. Just things I am curious about – what’s their favorite Bible verses, their favorite hymns. I would like to know their favorite childhood memories. But the time didn’t seem right. I need to work on making the time right because these are memories I would like to have recorded.

9. My Aunt Doris called while I was there so I got to talk to her for a while before I turned the phone over to my Mom. That was nice.

10. I went to pick up Ellen when I left the farm. I got to meet her Dad, Marvin and I had such a nice time getting acquainted with him.


11. We went Godfather’s to eat dinner and continued our visit. Such a nice man and he retired from Gold Spot Dairy which used to be one of my favorite places to eat a sandwich on lunch – years ago!! - In the 1970's.

12. It rained on us coming and going this trip. Very seldom do I come home after dark. So was pleasantly surprised when we were south of Caldwell to see that the Chisholm Trail Silhouettes are lit up at night. Not sure why that surprised me but it did.

Chisholm Trail

13. When I got home, The Husband was already home from his fun evening at Trunk or Treat at our church!

It is so good to be home!!

Entering Kansas (2)

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