Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Fall Projects–Before and After: Part 2

After several days of hard work in our back yard we came up with a back yard we can live with, that we can enjoy, takes less time mowing and once we get the plants planted hopefully, less maintenance.

The process was time consuming and fun! We started with the landscape bricks.
1 ton of landscape bricks.

          DSCN2993              DSCN2994

After marking our bed out and moving the bricks a couple of times we got the effect we were looking for. Keeping in mind we wanted a curve that the mower could easily follow.

The husband is a firm believer in “Lasagna Gardening.” For more information on this style of gardening you can check H.E.R.E.

So next we covered the ground with our first layer, cardboard then with the next layer, mulch.

We did do some dumpster diving for the cardboard. – Which was a fun time!! We actually were able to find some large pieces of cardboard at one of our local “lumber yards.” So we didn’t have to hunt that long.

Then we used 190 bags of mulch.

  DSCN3000                    DSCN3002

  DSCN3014                   DSCN3005

  DSCN3010                   DSCN3013

Then we moved 2.5 ton of flagstone to form a pathway to get across the new beds.

   DSCN3020                    DSCN3024

   DSCN3032                    DSCN3039

In all of the many flagstones we moved there was one that reminded me of Oklahoma. I pulled that one out and placed it by itself off to the side. My Oklahoma Memory Rock!

   DSCN3027                    DSCN3029

The final reveal - Tomorrow!


  1. That looks lovely! Tons of work, but so worth it. Flagstone is so pretty as a walkway. Looking forward to the photos tomorrow!

    1. At first, I wasn't sure I would like the flagstone but now I think it just completed the whole project. My Oasis in the back yard!!

  2. We so need to do this. Our backyard is in a terrible state since we ripped out an old deck, replaced it, and also redid the fence on our back property line. Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. We found, Wendy that when we did it in steps - and didn't try to rush ourselves that it was a manageable project. So glad it has inspired you! Now I just need the inspiration to get our bulbs planted!!

  4. That looks so great! I'm excited to see the finished product :)