Friday, July 1, 2011

Life @ Grammy's - Day 6 in Branson

Our last day in Branson, we went to Silver Dollar City. It was a great time.  I rode a roller coaster for the first time in - well, I don't know how many years. Granted it was one for "younger" people, but it was too much for me! Rode in the Tea Cups and realized I can't go round in circles without feeling like I'm going to throw up. But I did enjoy the rides that included water! Today was a hot day and the water was a blessing. So, I went around all afternoon in wet clothes. But if I hadn't  done the water rides, I'd have been walking around wet from sweat! So I think I chose the better wet.

Randy and I both rode things we didn't really want to ride so the kids could ride things they wanted to ride! We kind of took turns doing this!  The kids had fun.

 We enjoyed watching the different crafts that are done here.
This is the Black Smith.

The glass blower

My favorite one was in the wood carving building. They had such gorgeous work in there. There was a lady doing wood burning and years ago, my friend Terry Brown did wood burning and I tried my hand at it and loved it. I did it with magnifying glass and sun, so mine wasn't as intricate as what I saw today but it brought back lots of good memories.

This is my dear husband saying "Let's keep moving."

We had a great day - again! Made it back to the condo in time to swim for a couple of hours!

I had fun. 
Half the time I felt really really old! :)
The rest of the time, these wonderful grandkids helped me feel young!
What a wonderful vacation we've had!

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