Friday, July 22, 2011

Mammy's Trip to Omaha Day 4, Thursday

I woke up early on Thursday hearing a strange noise from outside! Lots of thunder. - And RAIN!!! WOW!

Going to school was a wet process today. The rain didn't slow Ava down! However, she wasn't too pleased having her feet wet! But we both survived.

 After school, Ava decided she needed some Alyssa time. She loves kissing her and cuddling her - but then she's ready to run and play!

Heather is feeling so much better today. We made a banana cake and Gerry's Mom, Okie came over for dinner (supper). The best part of the day was when Okie got here and Ava was running around yelling "I have TWO grandma's here!! Mimi and Mammy!" She was one excited little girl. 

 Mimi, Ava, Alyssa

What can be better than TWO grandma's AND a baby sister!!

I really enjoy watching Ava grow up with the heritage of Gerry's family combined with the heritage of Heather's family. Ava has learned some Spanish and sign language at school. She understands Korean. Probably more than anyone knows! One time Gerry and Okie were having a conversation and Ava - listening to them from another room answered them! We all know kids listen more than we imagine! No matter what language!

Three generations
Ava was "too busy" to be in this picture

I have had time this week to visit with Heather, lose at "go fish" more times than I can remember, be chauffeur, and do household chores. BUT I really enjoy all the hugs and kisses from a 3 year old and -

You will always be your child's favorite toy. ~Vicki Lansky speaking of parents

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