Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mammy's Trip to Omaha Day 5, Friday

Friday started with this CUTE view!! I know everyone has seen adorable pictures of little ones, but I am having a blast taking pictures and recording this first week of Alyssa with her big sister Ava!!

This is my last full day here with Heather and her family. There are things I didn't get done that I wanted to but more importantly, I've had a wonderful time visiting with Heather and hugging and kissing on the girls.

I'm leaving them with blueberry muffins, banana cake, and oatmeal cookies. It wasn't until bedtime tonight that I realized I hadn't left them with any "food". You know, meals, the meat and potatoes kind of food!!! Oh, well, fortunately, Heather is feeling better. Now - if she will remember what all Mom's have had to learn - sleep when Alyssa sleeps! I know that is hard to do when you have an active 3 year old!

We did have an outing tonight, we went for Chinese food. And, I must say here - Ava said she was going to eat (drum-roll please) supper. HeeHee.... I've indoctrinated my granddaughter! 

My oldest 3 grandkids have always called me Grammy. Ava had trouble saying GRammy when she was young and so she has always called me Mammy. - but by the end of this week - she's calling me Mamms!!
I feel like I've graduated!! She's just always in too big of a hurry to make it a 2-syllable word!!

The corner of the restaurant where we were seated was fairly empty, so we got live entertainment from "Ava." We learned - through her song - that the rainforest has 5 layers: riverbank, forest floor, the understory, the canopy, and the emergent. - not just the emergent but the emerGENT.  Of course just knowing these 5 layers isn't enough, you must have the music and the actions!

A wonderful ending to my last day in Omaha. Cuddles for Mamm's,
bedtime for Alyssa and
a good book for Ava.

What a wonderful blessed week I've had.

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