Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mammy's Trip to Omaha Day 2, Tuesday

Playing after school!

Ava told me this morning that I have 2 jobs - the first job is taking her to school, the second job is picking her up from school!!

Yesterday, Gerry had me ride with him to pick her up so I would know where Rosewood Academy is. Plus, I was assured that Ava knows the directions in case I should get lost! So this morning Heather bragged on her and told me that if I should forget the way, Ava would show me.

We head out in the right direction, we got  to the corner where Gerry had told me to turn left, and Ava told me to go right. As I stopped at the STOP sign - which Ava spelled as we stopped - I asked her, "Are you sure we go right, I thought your Daddy said to go left?" No, go right. So I did, then she had me veer around to the left and she said, "See, Mammy, there is the water park!" Then she proceeded to tell me the directions - and we got there! Just not the way Daddy had told me. Of course, Daddy didn't take me by the water park either! Also, besides spelling STOP at the stop signs, every time we see an American Flag - Ava yells out "AMERICA" which is fun!

Rosewood Academy

The day was spent "helping" Heather by holding the baby as much as possible. :)  Alyssa had a Doctor's appointment in the afternoon, so we planned the day around that trip and around a visit from Heather's Aunt Karen and Uncle Tom. They had been to visit Aunt Minda and Uncle Robert in Illinois and were on their way to Denver to spend some time with their new granddaughter. 

The Doctor's appointment went well and we had a fun relaxing evening.

Ava enjoyed showing me her toys:

I know these are blurry but she was moving FAST!

And I had to put these to say -

This is the next frame:
Ava with the ice pack!! 
The horsie-bike bucked her off!
Besides helping by holding the baby :)
My other FUN thing of the day was helping Ava cook supper. OOps, I mean dinner.

Plus for some after dinner fun Ava beat me at Go Fish 4 times! 
We tied once!

  In between all of this fun stuff 
there was always time to snuggle with Alyssa.

I am a very blessed woman.

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