Saturday, July 2, 2011

Last day of Vacation

We are home. Left Branson, came back through Tulsa and met Tim and Shelley at I-35, delivered their babies :) to them and came home. We got here about 7:00 - we HAD to stop at Brahms and get enough energy to make it home!

The last two weeks have made me tired, but mostly they have been a great blessing. I've not had Riley and Josie with me for longer than one night since Shelley and the kids lived with us for 6 months in 2006. I had the opportunity to get better acquainted with these two little people.

I'm in a new relationship. I have a new step-grandson living with me. Then for two weeks we added two more young people to this mix. I was interested in seeing that the three young people acted like real cousins - or brothers and sister - that have known each other all their lives. There were lots of laughs, some arguments, a few tears and just lots of playing and having fun. They have some similarities in their imaginations which was good for playing pretend - at the same time, just as with everyone, they are each such individuals. 

Josie got homesick the first week then adjusted and did very well. Riley didn't show much homesickness until the last couple of days and he was excited to go see his momma.

Andru defended Josie when Riley was picking on her, he defended Riley if Josie was picking on him (which wasn't as much) and then he did his fair share of picking on them and they on him. Like I said - they acted like siblings or cousins! 

We made some very good memories this week. I tried to take lots of pictures and keep a blog log for them to have. - with just the highlights. 

Randy asked Andru on the way home what his favorite part of our vacation was - he said The Duttons.

Riley and Josie said they liked it all and they couldn't pick a favorite. I figured Riley would pick the roller coaster - since it was his first time to ride. I figured Josie would pick being on stage in Branson - or learning to swim. But they liked everything - which makes Randy and I very happy!

Randy said he just liked watching the kids have fun.

My favorite was being with part of my family and merging these two groups together. 
I've been blessed with wonderful children and grandchildren. Now I'm blessed with a wonderful husband and his family.

Great two weeks! I hope we get to do this again!!



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