Friday, July 29, 2011

Denver 2011, Friday

When we first arrived in Denver - 5 days ago! - Holly asked what we would like to do while here. I wanted to go up in the mountains, Randy wanted to go to the Air Force Academy, and the rest of the list was from Andru. We have had a non-stop week.  Andru has had quite an introduction to Colorado!! The Smith family has made our trip  very fun!! I think they will need a vacation from our visit!! (so will the adults of our family.)

Let me explain this picture: at the risk of embarrassing some boys! Andru spent the night at Jack's a couple of nights and Jack spent the night here at the hotel a few nights - that way they enjoyed the pool here. I told them to turn off the computer, etc at midnight. So they rigged up a blanket and tried having the computer under the blanket. #1 I could see what they were up too. - After all we were all in the same room! #2 it was way too hot for them to be hiding! So anyway, this didn't last long! - and #3 the fact that I took their picture didn't help the subterfuge. Yes, that's Andru's head peeking up in the back!

This morning we went to the Denver Aquarium.

Caitlin (Jack's girlfriend) Andru and Jack

Feeding the stingray

When we left the aquarium we met Holly at Sunrise Cafe and had the best lunch ever!
I had French toast that was to die for!! 
Then we  headed to Elitch Gardens.
Which wasn't a garden at all, but an amusement park and water park.

I must admit, I felt every bit of my 58 years today.
I was tired, hot and not at all "amused" by the amusement park!

I wasn't sure what this name meant until I picked up a brochure to find out.
It was founded in 1890 by John and Mary Elitch. 
Early in it's history, the phrase "Not to see Elitch's is Not to See Denver"
was used to advertise the park.

We started at the water park to cool off!
From there we went to:

I had no desire to ride anything today!
Neither did Randy so we drank lots of water
and as often as possible found buildings with air conditioning!
Here, however, are pictures of the brave ones coming out of this ride!

I am so thankful for David today! He went on rides with the kids and generally was a GREAT entertainer!!

After all the "fun" :) - we went back to their house and had Chinese food. It was really good. Andru kept rubbing his eyes from being tired, if Jack was tired he didn't show it - mainly because he was entertaining Caitlin! 

We enjoyed meeting Caitlin and hope to see her again sometime.

Then it was time to say good byes. We leave for home (and rain - we hear) early tomorrow morning. I hated to say good bye. It seemed like we stayed so busy, I didn't have time to talk to Holly much - other than our non-stop chatter while traveling from place to place this week. I hated to say bye to Jack - for no reason other than he's my grandson!! :)  And, well, I hate to say bye to the best  babysitter Andru has had since he - well, since he actually had a baby sitter!!

Thank you so much Holly, David and Jack for a great week!

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