Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Dinner vs. Supper

Sometimes I dwell on very important subjects. War, starvation in the US and other countries, politics (especially during important election years), - you know, things we are aware of - but don't always know what to do about them.
Then other times I just dwell on "things" that come to mind - usually at odd times.  Which is how/why this blog post came about!

Quite some time ago - my now 5 year old granddaughter was visiting. I mentioned "what should we have for supper?" -

Now remember, I'm a farm girl from Oklahoma. We had dinner at noon, supper in the evening. -

Anyway, Ava's eyes teared up, she looked at her momma and said, "but I'm hungry and I want some dinner."  I've thought of that often and decided to check out "google" on the explanation between lunch, dinner and supper!

"Dinner is considered to be the "main" or largest meal of the day. Whether it takes place at noon or in the evening is mostly a cultural thing. For instance, many people who grew up in the American South and/or on farms traditionally ate larger meals at noontime to give them the strength to keep working through the afternoon.
Supper is more specifically a lighter evening meal. Rooted in the word "to sup", it comes, again, from farming traditions — many farming families would have a pot of soup cooking throughout the day, and would eat it in the evening — specifically, they would "sup" the soup.
Lunch is almost the midday equivalent of Supper — it's also a lighter and less formal meal than Dinner, but is used specifically when referring to a midday meal. So whether you use Lunch/Dinner or Dinner/Supper is heavily determined by when your culture traditionally has its largest meal."
  this information was found at http://english.stackexchange.com/
It is quite a relief to me to know I wasn't completely wrong! 

I've never had china. - Never wanted any. I've had these dishes since 1972. They are my "good" dishes! and when I serve "dinner" these are the best I've got!!

This is our "everyday" table! Lighter weight dishes and this is "lunch" or "supper." (also breakfast)

This is usually our style when we "entertain" - small group, family or friends over.  I know, not very elegant, but functional and easy to clear plus takes up less space!!

So, whether you enjoy
 lunch and dinner or
 dinner and supper or
 just  buffet entertaining - 
there is a meal and a style for each of us. 

As long as the food is good - all is well!!

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