Friday, January 11, 2013

Dancing Down Memory Lane in Caring For My Parents

It's Saturday evening. Mom is doing well, Dad seems to be much more relaxed now that she is at home. I'm reading the Enid News and Eagle.  - Which I've missed since I've been living in Wichita. I know I can read it online - which I do regularly BUT that is not the same as holding an actual paper in my hands and reading column by column! Don't you agree? 

Anyway, Dad changed stations on the TV and up comes the bubbles, the accent and the music! Lawrence Welk! I put the paper down and become absorbed in a show that I refused to watch with them when I was a teen!!! It was fun watching it now, all these years later. This was a rerun from 11-21-1981. The styles - the HAIR styles!! What fun it was to watch.

Randy and I are great fans of Dancing With the Stars - so watching the dancing on The Lawrence Welk Show was interesting! Especially now that I can even recognize some of the dances!

When I was a girl, my Grandma Velma even gave me some "Lennon Sisters" paper-dolls!! I loved paper-dolls as a girl and I especially loved these.

 But the most fun for me - was when it was over the conversation went like this:

Dad:  Can't you get Lawrence Welk in Kansas on your TV? 

Me:  Hmmm. I have no idea! I'm sure we can.

I would never have thought to look for it!


I really enjoyed watching it with them!!

And dancing down memory lane!!

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  1. I have trouble watching Lawrence Welk because the girls always act like such numb-skulls. I end up angry all the time. Everyone is far too fake happy on LW.