Thursday, January 24, 2013

Decoupage Jesus

Randy and I buy our inventory at estate sales and garage sales in season. Personally I like the estate sales because I love going through the houses most of the houses.  When we leave an estate sale I often envision the lives of the people that had lived there. 

It's amazing what you can learn about people by going through their houses and seeing what is being sold. We mostly : ) look for books and you can often learn much about them by what they read! - As I say that, I think about all the murder mysteries I have on my shelves... Oh my. Well, anyway...

One of the smaller houses we went to awhile back had a decoupaged picture of Jesus for sale. Many things went through my mind when I saw this picture.

I first thought of Mr. P - one of our professors at Midwest Christian College. He was a good friend of my boss, Mr. F. Mr. F was a professor, too, but he also owned the College Bookstore - that's where I worked. ANYWAY...

Mr. P used to come in teasing Mr. F saying that anyone who sold "Jesus Junk" would not inherit the kingdom of heaven. I always think of Mr. P when I see someone that has "Jesus Junk" or that sells "Jesus Junk." 

Mr. P's theory was that you could take any object, put "Jesus" on it, triple the price and sell it. He didn't like this practice.

But in going to estate sales we see lots of stuff that people have purchased or has been given to them as gifts that reflects their faith. 

And although I wouldn't hang a decoupaged Jesus in my own home, I hope that it brings comfort to those that do.

What do you have in your home that represents your faith?


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