Monday, January 28, 2013

30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 28

Day 28: Daily Routine

Our routine isn't the same every day except for this:

Every morning, Randy makes coffee. (when I make it, it just doesn't taste as good.) This is one thing that happens every morning.

Then I ship books:

From there, our day is different, depending on what day it is. Since this is Monday, even before I get my cup of coffee and even before I ship the books, I strip the bed and wash the sheets:

Unusual for a Monday - there were estate sales - So we headed out.

I always spend time each day blogging.

We almost always watch some westerns in the evenings.
While I'm cooking dinner. (supper)

Our days are different - yet the same.
There is great comfort in routine.
I've always survived better with a routine.
My life is good.

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